August 1999

Vol. 10, No. 5

Page 1

"Time flies when you're having fun."  

Summer has been busy.  John Korcsmar went out to the Justice Jubilee celebration at U.C.L.A. in Los Angeles.  He went with two Austin Interfaith leaders from Dolores Church (Estela Fabian and Alice Gatica).  When they got to the airport, Brother Richard Daly was on the same flight.  Small world.

There was a good number of CSC's out there: Brother John Doran was one of the guides welcoming people into the basketball pavilion; Fr. Bill Lies, Brother David Andrews were also there.  There were plenty of people from the Diocese of Austin, too: Bishop John McCarthy, Sr. Mary Lou Barba, Sr. Lois Paha, Chris Attal, Teri Nira.

At the hotel, John ran into another Notre Dame grad, Mark Shields.  Mark Shields is a syndicated columnist and a commentator on the PBS New Hour.  Mark also was the moderator of a panel discussion before the 3,000 people who were there as well.  At Notre Dame we always have high expectations of our graduates!

The day after returning from Los Angeles, John and Brother Richard Critz had supper together.  You may have noticed that neither one of them has had a cold for a while.  There is plenty of Vitamin C in those Margaritas and Mangaritas.

On Sunday, July 25 Matt McKenna, Chris Kohn, and Joshua Book came up from San Antonio with Fr. Larry LeVasseur.  We had Mass at the provincial house, and Matt, Chris, and Joshua renewed their vows for another year.  We want to thank them for their continued gift to Holy Cross.  After Mass, we went out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant and heard the exciting stories of their summer experiences in Cuernavaca and Guatemala where they had gone to learn Spanish.  Matt explained how the plane he and Joshua were in could not land until someone came out and chased the cows off the runway!  Things are different in Guatamala!


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