June 1999

Vol. 10, No. 4

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The anniversary celebrations continued. The ordination classes of 1949 and 1974 gathered up at Notre Dame. They had a beautiful Mass at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, followed by a wonderful dinner at the North Dining Hall at Notre Dame.

Sr. Mary Ann Pajakowski, CSC sent Tom Lemos, John Phalen, and John Korcsmar a card and a gift. These three--also known as Los Tres Mosqueteros--worked together when they were newly ordained in South Bend. The card was a congratulatory note that said, "You are what you eat." They opened the gift to find a can of nuts. What did Sister mean?

The 1974 class gathered at the Log Chapel for a Mass. This chapel is a replica of the log chapel that Father Badin built as a place for missionary work among the Indians. The altar in the log chapel is an altar that had frequently been used by Father Sorin. This all helped to make the jubilarians aware that they were only one small part of a much larger and much more important history.

With great joy the community, friends, and relatives gathered at St. Ignatius Martyr Church in Austin on May 29th for the ordination of Joe Tomei to the priesthood. Many of Joe's friends came from California, Wichita Falls, San Antonio, and other places in order to be at the event. Bishop John McCarthy of Austin was the ordaining bishop. During the testimonies there were so many wonderful things said about Joe that Bishop McCarthy wondered whether it was an ordination or a canonization. Those who have lived and worked with Joe knew that he wasn't getting canonized.

John Korcsmar was not able to attend the ordination. He has been suffering with some back pain caused by muscle spasms. They have been rather painful, but he consoles himself with the thought that he had can tell Joe Tomei that he has had a pain in his back ever since Joe was ordained.

The following Monday, we went to Holy Name Retreat Center in Houston. We have been going there for the annual retreat and for chapters for many years. It is a fine place with a wonderful staff, excellent food, and good rooms. It is has been in the same location for many years. It was probably built at a time when there was nothing around it, but over the years a very plush neighborhood has grown up around it. You can imagine Fr. Larry LeVasseur's surprise when he saw a little snake. Fr. John Schrock, the director, said they were also surprised one day when an eighteen inch alligator walked onto the parking lot. It would seem that some of the neighbors have had unusual pets that got away. One does not expect to find wild life at a retreat center.


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