September 1999

Vol. 10, No. 6

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On Labor Day, Holy Cross priests, brothers, and sisters gathered out at the lake at Steiner Lodge for a cookout with hot dogs, sausage, and hamburgers. There was a great turnout.  We all had a great time since it was our first get together after the summer.

The Texas Region of the Southern Province gathered at Steiner Lodge for their first monthly meeting.  There was an excellent dinner served.  Some were concerned about the meat dish.  We won't mention any names because we don't want to embarrass Father Harold Essling but some people are mean to the deer who run wild and frequently come to Steiner Lodge, only to be shooed away.  When asked if we were eating beef or pork, Father Essling would only respond, "Oh, dear!"  Or was that "Oh, deer"?  Whatever it was, it was good.

The Sisters of the Holy Cross had a celebration for the Triumph of the Holy Cross at St. Ignatius.  We began with a reflection on the Seven Dolors, led by Sister Judy Hallock, the regional superior.  After our prayer, we continued to refresh our spirits and had a wonderful supper.  A good time was had by all!

Brother Joel Giallanza came to Dolores Parish for the celebration of Our Lady of Sorrows.  The parish received that patron name as a favor to the Congregation of Holy Cross, since Our Lady of Sorrows is the patron feast of the entire Congregation.  Brother led a reflection on the 7 Dolors.  After Mass, there was a covered dish dinner and plenty of fellowship.  We are all grateful for Brother's reflection and inspiring thoughts.

On September 20, Brother Richard Critz and Father John Korcsmar went down to San Antonio to welcome Brother Donald Blauvelt who will be on staff at the Brother Charles Andersen Residence.  Brother Donald will continue to be a general councilor and travel to Rome and other places for general administration work.  Brother Joel will be living and working at the South-West Province Center.

The house in San Antonio will be almost full.  There are seven students from five provinces studying there this year:

  • Brother Robert Wurzelbacher (SW),

  • Joshua Book (SP), 

  • Christopher Kohn (SP), 

  • Matthew McKenna (SP),

  • Hung Nguyen (EB),

  • John Riordan (EP),

  • Stephen Kempinger (IP). 


Down in Monterrey, Nuevo León Father Dan Panchot has been a bit under the weather.  He has been experiencing some dizziness.  The doctor decided to put Dan into the hospital for a bit.  They ran all kinds of tests.  They checked his blood.  They poked here and there.  They looked at his heart.  They examined his head, but they didn't find anything.  Dan is quick to point out that they didn't find anything WRONG.  Dan is doing better, but we would still appreciate your prayers.


Father Len Collins also has a full house of candidates in Monterrey.  This year, we have:

  • Javier Herminio Garcia,
  • Gabino Fonseca González,

  • Alfredo Olvera Ledezma,

  • Crisóstomo Herminio Garcia,

  • Erick Marcelino Hipolito,

  • Julian Morales Garcia,

  • Mario Alberto Guzmán González.

At the professed house, Marin Hernandez Campos is in his first year of theology.  There are also three novices in Chile from Mexico:

  • Paulino Antonio Ines, 
  • José Luis Agripino Quijas, 
  • Rubén Coronado Andrade.

We would ask for your prayers for all Holy Cross religious in formation.


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