April 2000

Volume 11, No. 3

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Austin was visited by several community members recently.  Father Jim Flanigan (IP), Brother Richard Kiniry (EB), Father Tom Tobin (EP), Brother Stanley Culotta (SW), and Brother Thomas Krieter from the Southern Province met as the health care committee.  Wise men that they are, they met at the Brother Vincent Pieaux Residence; the cooks there always make sure that the food is both delicious and healthy.

After all that healthy food and discussion about health care, Brother Thomas wanted to show some Southern hospitality, so the group went out to County Line for some excellent Texas BBQ.  Concerned about health, Brother Stanley returned home to San Antonio.  Concerned about community spirit and not concerned enough about cholesterol, Father John Korcsmar went along.  After a delicious meal, Brother Thomas took them on a tour to Steiner Lodge on Lake Travis.  There they disturbed Father Harold Essling.  Harold was in a very deep meditation when the men arrived, but he was able to rise to the occasion and show everyone the lodge.  The men were almost disappointed.  For some reason, they did not see any deer at the camp, but they saw three of them on the way back to Austin.  There was no explanation why they weren't at Steiner.

Father James Martin has left San Francisco Javier Parish in Creedmore, just outside of Austin.  He will be in Latrobe, PA where he will be taking care of his father.  Jim feels that his father needs rather constant care.  Please keep Jim and his father, James Martin, in your prayers.

With Jim's departure from Austin, the Congregation will be leaving San Francisco Javier Parish.  That parish was part of the original "Holy Cross Mexican Missions" started by Bishop Alfred Mendez, CSC.  We hope that the parish continues to prosper.

At the monthly Texas regional meeting at Steiner Lodge, Father Joe DeVliegher arrived and immediately said, "I smell food!!"  We just have to make sure he eats better up in Burnet.  Next time we hope he'll say "Hello!" first.

Father Edwin Kadzielawski led a discussion on the Jubilee Year. He shared how there are many different ways to think of things as doors: Daylight Savings Time as a door to more time to use, meeting other people as a door to Christ, our upcoming provincial chapter as a door to the future.

Father Kadzielawski is having some dental work done.  He is having a bridge replaced.  His dentist asked him if he would like to have a cosmetic bridge.  Fr. Ed answered, "No, there's no point to simple patchwork.  If I am not going to have a complete facial beautification, might as well skip it."  And so he did.


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