August 2000

Volume 11, No. 5

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Brother Richard Critz invited Father John Korcsmar over to the South-West Province Center to celebrate Brother Larry Atkinson's birthday.  Brother Richard Daly and Brother Richard Critz prepared a wonderful meal for the occassion.  During the meal Larry reminisced how we had celebrated his 50th birthday in Rome during the General Chapter.  The Lord must have heard Larry's musings because He sent the same kind of weather to Austin that we had in Rome a couple of years ago.  All of Central Texas says, "Thank you, Brother Larry!"  Now it's hot as Rome.

Many of the CSC's from Central Texas came up to St. Mary'sFather Harold enjoying a restful moment College at Notre Dame for the Holy Cross 2000 Jubilee celebration.  Father Larry Le Vasseur, Brother Donald Blauvelt, Brother Matthew McKenna, Joshua Book, Brother Michael Winslow, Brother Richard Critz, Brother Joel Giallanza, Father John Korcsmar, Brother Howard Metz, Sister Nancy Pewterbaugh, and Father Harold Essling all made their way up.  

Sister Joan Mader, Father Len Collins, and Father Logsdon from Ciudad Guadalupe, Nuevo León and Brother Richard Kelly from Sacred Heart Church, New Orleans were there too.  

All four Congregations were present: the Sisters of the Holy Cross (New Orleans), the Sisters of Holy Cross (Canada), and the Marianites of Holy Cross (New Orleans) were there.

Brother Joel Giallanza, Sister Mary Kay Kingberger, and Father Hugh Cleary all gave insightful and challenging keynote addresses.  There were opportunities for small group sharing, both formally and informally.  Brother Matt McKenna participated in a panel of young religious sharing their hopes and dreams for the future.

Sr. Guadalupe CardenasCommittee met and made plans for the future.  They presently plan to have a Pilgrimage to Austin in the summer of 2001 as a way of recognizing and celebrating their 25 years of gathering together.  

The first gathering was over Christmas break in December 1976.  They thankedFlaco & Gordo ride again! the outgoing co-chairs, Sister Nancy Pewterbaugh and Sister Joan Mader, and elected Father John Phalen and Father John Korcsmar as the new co-chairs.

There were breakout sessions for different ministries and committees.  The Intercongregational Hispanic Ministries 

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