March 2000

Volume 11, No. 2

Page 1

The Provincial Council has had to do its traditional duty of gathering in New Orleans for their Mardi Gras meeting.  Father Dick Nowery was the gracious host; he made sure that we were able to have some genuine New Orleans muffalatas for lunch. 

For dinner we all went out to dinner to a local New Orleans seafood restaurant.  Joe Moyer who is allergic to seafood sacrificed himself by having a steak.  Pete Logsdon ordered the senior citizen plate--my, how times flies!!  We all tasted one of their specialties: sweet potato French fries.  Barry Cabell wanted to start dinner by singing "O Canada" in English and French.  Fortunately before he had a chance, the lights went out and left us in darkness in the restaurant.

Brother Thomas bought John Korcsmar a Mardi Gras shirt with the Mardi Gras colors.  When John arrived at the Austin airport in his Mardi Gras shirt, several people said that they knew where he had been.

Father Dan Walsh in Baton Rouge will be leaving Villa Felician and the Vets' Home.  He has been driving 35 miles each way, and the drive is getting to be too much.  He will continue to assist and reside at St. Agnes Parish in Baton Rouge.  Dan has become a part of the social and religious fabric of Baton Rouge.  Msgr. Bergen and Fr. Jeff at the parish have been very good to Dan.  Dan will also be having cataract surgery.  Please keep him in your prayers.

On the week-end of March 4/5 John Korcsmar went out to San Francisco Javier Parish.  He informed the parishioners that Fr. Jim Martin will be going home to take care of his father and the Diocese of Austin will assume responsibility for the parish.  San Francisco was part of the original missions founded by Father--later Bishop--Alfred Mendez, C.S.C.  We are grateful to the Diocese and to the people of the parish for the many years of apostolic opportunity and for their generosity.

The following week-end John went to St. John the Evangelist in Marble Falls to inform the parishioners there that Father Ed Kadzielawski will be retiring and that the parish will also be returned to the care of the Diocese.  We want to thank the people there for their collaboration and generosity over the years.  We also want to thank Father Ed for his hard work and dedication at St. John's and in the many other apostolic works he has done.

Bro. George Schmitz and Bro. Richard Critz came by Dolores Parish in Austin and took John Korcsmar out to supper.  John introduced them to the congregation at the 5:30 Saturday evening Mass and announced that Brother Richard was paying for supper.  (and he DID too!)  When John introduced Brother George as being from New York, he was received as if he had been picante sauce made in New York City. 

John went to New Orleans for the CMSM meeting and to visit Fathers Dick Nowery and Joe Moyer.  Joe is very active and teaching at Holy Cross School (with the Brothers) and Dick is very busy at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.  Brother Richard Kelly.

Dick Nowery and John went to lunch at Michael's restaurant, where they serve a hamburger for $125.00.  Along with your hamburger and French fries, you get caviar and a bottle of very expensive champagne.  You also get your picture taken and put on the wall.  John had a chicken-fried steak; Dick had crab claws (honest).  Their lunch cost less than a bite of the hamburger.  Their picture is NOT on the wall.

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