May 2000

Volume 11, No. 4

Para la Edición Mexicana

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Even Mickey came to Family Rosary!Father Dan Panchot has been working with Family Rosary in Mexico.  They recently had a contest for children.  The presentations to the winners of the contest was held on April 29 in Parque Pipo in Cd. Guadalupe. 

There were approximately
2,000 people who attended.  


Msgr. Miguel Neftali González, episcopal vicar for the zone, gave a short talk on the importance of family prayer and gave the blessing.


Fr. Pete Logsdon presents a tricycle to one of the winners.
Family Rosary is clearly in his thoughts.

Since Mickey Mouse came to Parque Pipo in Cd. Guadalupe, Len Collins returned the favor and visited Mickey at his place, Disneyworld.  We are not sure yet what his favorite ride was, but from the look on his face and the faces of his brother and sister, we know that Len will say: "A good time was had by all!"

Judging from the picture, perhaps we have some Disney characters here.  Obviously the middle one is Sleeping Beauty who has awakened.  The one on the left advertises Goofy.  But the one on the right???  Which Disney character might that be???  Remember, there were 7 Dwarves!!  Send in your guesses. Be kind.   Winner gets a lovely July vacation for one at the Santa María Formadora de Apóstoles House in Cd. Guadalupe, N.L.

John Korcsmar drove over to New Orleans, with Father Frank De Preez (the current administrator of San Francisco Javier Parish).  Frank went touring while John went over to Holy Cross School.  There he visited with Brother Stephen Walsh, the Headmaster, Mr. Terry McGaha, the principal, and Father Joe Moyer. Everyone was full of praises for Fr. Joe's work at the school.  Congratulations and thank you, Joe, for your well-done ministry!!  We're all proud of you!

While at the school, Mr. Ernest Rondi, one of the school counselors, stopped students in the hallways and asked them who their idol is.  They all answered, "Mr. Rondi!!"  This happened several times.  At the end of his visit, John asked Brother Stephen's secretary who her idol is.  She answered, "Father Joe Moyer!!!" 

At Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in New Orleans, Father Richard Nowery had a social hour for the Parish Council, both the incoming and the outgoing members.  Deacon Daigle and his wife are on the right in the front row.  They seem to have had a very good time.  All the snacks were gone, and everyone blamed Father Dick for eating them all!

In Baton Rouge, John visited Father Dan Walsh.  Dan is suffering a bit from bronchitis and pneumonia, but he is on the mend.  Please keep him in your prayers.  The staff put on a good-bye party for Dan now that he is leaving Villa Felician.  He will still visit the Veterans' Home once a week, and the rest of the time he will be at St. Agnes Parish in Baton Rouge.  On June 1, Dan will be 78 years young.  On June 8, he will have been ordained a priest 40 years.

Fr. Frank and John also stopped at Immaculate Conception Parish in Charenton, LA to see Father Bill Crumley.  Bill showed them around.  They went to the casino there owned by the Chitimacha Indians.  At the casino every other person stopped by to say hello to Father Bill.  He is definitely well known in that community! He has said Mass in all of the neighboring parishes and has a weekly TV program on public access.

The Indians have their own reservation there which is the Sovereign Nation of Chitimacha.  The reservation is quite nice and would fit in well with many suburban neighborhoods.

In case you are wondering,
Bill's halo is not slipping;
that's Our Lady's crown.




Some interesting birthday news:

One of our Holy Cross Sisters recently celebrated her birthday with some friends from St. Ignatius Parish--including an undercover correspondent for TexLaMex.  They gathered at Midnight Rodeo on Ben White Blvd. in South Austin.  The establishment has a celebration for all those celebrating birthdays during the month.  May 26 was for all who have a birthday in May.  They required a driver's license or some proof of age.  Sister Judy Hallock's word must be very good because they did not require any verification of her birthday.  So, Happy Birthday, Sr. Judy!!!

Hers was not the only birthday in May.  Brother Howard Metz and Father John Korcsmar share the same birthday, May 27.  Brother Howard baked some German chocolate cakes and invited John over for dinner.  John gladly complied.

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