September 2000

Volume 11, No. 6

Page 1

Word has reached us that Father Fred Schmidt joyfully celebrated his 63rd anniversary of ordination.  He was feted by the Augustinian Recollect Sisters in their monastery, where he lives in Ahuacatlan, San Luis Potosi, Mexico..  There was not much description of the celebration, but you can be sure that it included a Mass and dinner.  It is certain that a good time was had by all, especially Father Schmidt.  Happy anniversary, Father Schmidt!!!

Father Dan Kayajan from the Eastern Province has come to La Luz Parish in Cd. Guadalupe (Monterrey), Nuevo Leon.  Dan had been working at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  He had visited and helped out at La Luz a number of times.  Sometimes he filled in when some of the other Holy Cross men went on vacation.  Other times he brought groups of students to visit the area and see the work of Holy Cross there.  We are glad that he has come!

Father John Korcsmar drove Dan down to Monterrey.  On their way there they stopped for supper at the Golden Corral in Laredo.  There at supper they were serenaded by the Lalo Duarte Quartet, which is a one-man band.  Logic eludes us, but the music and food were fine!

Our candidates program in Monterrey continues to grow.  We now have nine candidates.

All of Holy Cross in Guadalupe, NL celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows together at the Sisters' House. Hermanas Juanita and Mica were wonderful hostesses. All five priests were present, Padres Pedro, Pepe, Daniel P., Dan K. and Leonardo, as were the three professed, Marin, Paulino and Ruben. The nine candidates joined in the fun, Javier, Alfredo, Mario, Julian, Crisostomo, Gerardo, Lucio, Luis Antonio and Santiago. The celebration started with Mass, during which Hermana Juanita reflected upon the feast throughout her years in Holy Cross. This was followed by supper, which was followed by the Mexican Grito: Viva Mexico! Ruben won the prize for the best Grito. Mario was a close second. A good time was had by all.

The Kellogg Foundation has awarded a grant to Austin Enlace.  The hope is to improve the educational "pipeline" for A.I.S.D. students in the Montopolis area (Dolores Parish).  St. Edward's University (the lead agency), Dolores Parish, the Austin Independent School District, Austin Community College will collaborate together to increase the number of students who stay in school and successfully complete their education and graduate from a four-year college.  The focus is on Hispanic students, but the intent is to help all the students in the Montopolis area.

Brother Richard Critz, Brother Richard Daly, and Father John Korcsmar attended the annual Red Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral in Austin.  Also attending were Dr. George Martin (President of St. Edward's University) and his assistant, Dick Kinsey. This Mass gets its name from the red vestments for the Mass of the Holy Spirit.  The Mass is often celebrated in the United States on the first Monday of October when the Supreme Court term begins.  Judges, attorneys, and elected officials are invited to come and pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the rule of law in our society. 

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