August 2001

Vol. 12, No. 8


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Brother Matt McKenna renewed his vows at Dolores Parish in Austin.  Matt has graduated with his master's degree from Oblate College in San Antonio.  He has just finished his clinical pastoral education, which he also did this summer in San Antonio.  He will soon be studying more Spanish in Mexico.  After studying Spanish, he will assist at La Luz Parish in Cd. Guadalupe, Nuevo León.  Congratulations, Matthew!!



Father Joseph Moyer was recently installed as pastor of St. Ignatius Martyr Church in Austin, Texas.  Fr. Joe has worked at La Luz Parish in Cd. Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in New Orleans.  He was also working as a teacher and as chaplain at Holy Cross School in New Orleans.  Welcome, Joe!



John Korcsmar went to Peru to give a course on the spirituality of social justice at the novitiate.  Each day began with morning prayer at 6:30 a.m. Fortunately for John, Fr. Jaime Phalan makes the first pot of coffee, early in the morning before the sun gets up.

Each Friday the postulants come for Mass and dinner.  Usually, they play a hard-fought game of soccer before Mass.


Postulants and novices at supper Another table
The novices and postulants prepare for Mass.

John Korcsmar is chair of Capital IDEA, a long-term job training program.  Sr. Ann Nguyen, CSC works as a counselor there.  

At this meeting of students and graduates at Dolores Parish, they are organizing to form a workers' association.


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