Feb 2001

Vol. 12, No. 2

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The last days of January brought some bad news.  Sister Maria Refugio Pérez of the Carmelite Missionaries of St. Theresa died in Houston.  She was one of the sisters who had worked at Moreau Seminary in the kitchen.  She was always a very happy and cheerful person.  Her cheerfulness served her well, and she remained cheerful right up to her death.  Her Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at the Carmelites' Motherhouse, and burial was in a nearby cemetery.  May she rest in peace!

After burial, people gathered again at the motherhouse, but this time for lunch and the opportunity to share news.  Many of the Sisters who were at Moreau were there.  There were also several postulants and novices.

The first week-end of February was designated by Pope John Paul II as a time to recognize and celebrate consecrated life.  Paulino Antonio and Marin Hernandez came up from Monterrey to talk about their vocation stories at Dolores Parish.  The Franciscan Sisters also spoke at the Masses; Sr. Olivia Jasso, Sr. Adilia Reyna (a novice) and Claudia Pérez (a postulant) also spoke at the Masses.  Fr. John Korcsmar and Fr. Ed Kadzielawski, as well as Sr. Rose and Sr. Olivia, were all given plaques in recognition of their service as religious to the Dolores Parish community.

Paulino and Marin had a long journey in coming up to Monterrey on Saturday and returning for class on Monday.  Bro. Matthew McKenna also did yeoman's work in bringing them up from San Antonio to Austin and coming back for them on Sunday. We are all grateful for their sacrifice and hard work to make this all possible.

The provincial council met in New Orleans for their Mardi Gras meeting.  After the meeting Fr. Dick Nowery gave everyone a tour of the Sacred Heart Parish Activity Center.  The last time that John Korcsmar had been in that building (which has classrooms and a gym) was the summer that he spent in New Orleans in 1970.  Dick very proudly showed all the new improvements--kitchen, elevator, extra windows for more light, new rest rooms--that were being done.  However, John noticed that they had not straightened out the basketball rims; they were bent by all the dunking when he was here.  Some things are meant to last.

While they were there, they celebrated Fr. Pete Logsdon's birthday.  At lunch they brought him a small piece of cake with a candle--a single, symbolic candle.  There had been thought to one of those candles that relights itself, but we didn't want Pete to get winded.  After an afternoon Mass, we all went out to dinner at a place that Dick Nowery had selected.  It was a wonderful choice, as we had a small room for the council and the guys from Sacred Heart.  While we were eating, Archbishop Hannan came in.  Dick is a thoughtful host, but we don't think he arranged that.

Sacred Heart in New Orleans has had two daily Masses (7:00 am and 12:15 pm) for many years.  After Dick Nowery's heart surgery, they have reduced that to one a day.  One liturgy will be a Mass, and the other will be a Liturgy of the Word with Communion. 

Of course, we have a long tradition of participating in the Mardi Gras parades.  Our men participated in some of the Zulu 2001 parades prior to Mardi Gras Day, including Endymion which passes right in front of Sacred Heart.  But it was Brother Thomas Krieter who did us proud.  Not only did he go to the parades before the big day, but on Mardi Gras he went and saw some of the parades, including Zulu, on Mardi Gras Day.  He put on his Mardi Gras colors, went early, came back in the afternoon to drop off his beads, get cleaned up, and go back for more.  Congratulations, Tom!  That's the Mardi Gras Spirit!

Rumor has it that Tom has lived in Austin long enough that he cannot hide being a Texas Longhorn.

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