Jan 2001

Vol. 12, No. 1

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The month of December brought many vocation inquiries for Holy Cross in Mexico.  Misal Mensual, which is a popular missalette that individuals buy, ran a (free!) two page vocation ad.  The ad describes the charisms and mission of Holy Cross and mentions the kinds of work that we do.  Pictured in the ad is Alfredo Ledesma, one of the candidates who is preparing to go to the novitiate in Peru, Lima this coming January.

The provincial house was again fully decorated for the holidays.  Brother Thomas Krieter, assistant provincial and steward, set up all of the lights on the house, the luminarios around the driveway, and the nativity scene on the front porch.  With the Christmas star set up to mark the place, we knew it would not be long before Father Peter Rocca from Moreau Seminary at Notre Dame would be able to find his way for his annual trip to Austin.  Fr. Rocca comes every year at this time to visit friends he has known since his days at St. Ignatius Martyr Church.  Welcome Peter!

The priests of the Austin South Deanery gathered at St. Catherine's rectory for a luncheon to visit with Bishop Gregory Aymond, the Coadjutor Bishop of Austin.  Bishop Aymond is familiar with Holy Cross since his seminary formation and all of his priestly and episcopal ministry prior to Austin had been in New Orleans.  Fathers Harold Zink and Harold Essling had both been at Sacred Heart Parish in New Orleans and are now in South Austin.  Father Oliver Johnson, the pastor of St. Catherine's, set up a wonderful environment and provided a lovely luncheon for the Bishop.  
A good time was had by all!

Father Richard Nowery has had bypass surgery on his heart.  The whole event was quite a surprise since Dick always watches his diet and regularly exercises.  He has been taking things slowly as he recovers, but he will soon be back to his regular schedule.  Thanks to Father Joe Moyer for pitching in and helping with things while Dick was on the mend.

The Kellogg Foundation has renewed its grant with St. Edward's University for the Austin ENLACE project.  The ENLACE project is a partnership of St. Edward's University, Austin Community College (ACC), Dolores Parish, and the Austin Independent School District (AISD) to improve education for students in the Montopolis area.  The goal is to improve education (seen as K--16, Kindergarten through a college bachelor's degree) for all the people in the area.  We look forward to great accomplishments!

During the first week of January, Len Collins flew down to Lima, Peru with three candidates to take them to the novitiate.  Mario Alberto Guzmán González, Javier Herminio Garcia, and Alfredo Olvera Ledesma are now novices for the Congregation, in the Southern Province.  

Also during the first week of January, John Korcsmar flew out to Tucson, AZ for the annual Target meeting with the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  He is the diocesan director for CCHD for the Diocese of Austin.  The Diocese of Austin is a Target Diocese; that means that the diocesan office of C.C.H.D. "targets" some parishes for some specific goals:

  • increase an understanding of the reality and causes of poverty in the U.S.

  • increase an understanding of Catholic social teaching;

  • help people in the parish become involved in justice ministries;

  • work to raise the collection for C.C.H.D.

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