May 2001

Vol. 12, No. 5

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Graduations at Oblate
Graduation was held at the Oblate School of Theology for those who were graduating with the Master’s in Pastoral Theology and those graduating with the Master of Divinity. Brother Matthew McKenna (SP) and John Reardon (EP) graduated with the M.Div.

Also graduating were:
· Bob Wurzelbacher, formerly with the South-West Province. Bob is now working in a parish near Cincinnati, OH doing youth ministry.
· Tim Franz, formerly with the Southern Province. Tim currently is working with Humana, but will be assuming a position with the marriage tribunal in the Diocese of Austin on Monday, May 7.
· Chris Kohn, formerly with the Southern Province. Chris is currently working part-time with a C.P.A. in San Antonio.

Brother Hung Nguyen (EB) will be the only student at Brother Charles Andersen Residence next fall. Brother Matthew McKenna will be going to study Spanish in Mexico and then to Monterrey, Nuevo León; he will assist at La Luz Parish. 

Joshua Book, who has been on regency at Sacred Heart Parish in New Orleans, will not be renewing vows. We want to thank Joshua for his time with the Congregation and we wish him well.

With Matthew moving on to apostolic activity and Joshua not renewing, there is no one in studies for the Southern Province in the United States.

Visit to Peru
Len Collins and I went to Huaycán, Lima, Peru to visit the three novices from the Southern Province:
· Alfred Olvera Ledesma
Mario Alberto Guzmán González
Javier Herminio Garcia
They are all doing well. They were glad that the provincial visited them. They were really happy that Len had come to see them. They were most happy that Len brought some tortillas and jalapenos.

Father Jim (Jaime) Phalan is doing well as the novice director. He runs a tight ship with grand silence, lots of prayer, classes on the community, work, and a little apostolic activity. 

Fr. Tom Shea from the Eastern Province is currently giving the novices classes on the history of the Congregation. Brother John Benesh takes care of the work details, is putting in the windows of the chapel, and provides a relaxing balance for community life.

Fathers Larry LeVasseur and Hal Zink are celebrating their 50th anniversary. They were ordained on June 6, 1951. They recently had a celebration at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in New Orleans, where both of them have lived and worked. Father Dan Walsh came down from Baton Rouge for the celebration, and Fr. Joe Geniesse was also there. They will have a celebration at St. Ignatius Martyr Church in Austin on Sunday, June 24th at the 11:00 am Mass. 

Larry LeVasseur and Hal Zink were honored at the celebration of silver and golden anniversaries at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at the University of Notre Dame.  There was a beautiful liturgy (as always!) at Sacred Heart, followed by a wonderful dinner at the North Dining Hall.  The Holy Cross Community did well in recognizing Larry, Hal, and all the other jubilarians.

We all thank them for their many years of faithful service in Holy Cross!!

While he was at Notre Dame, John Korcsmar visited the men at Holy Cross House.  Father Joe Rehage asked John how he was doing, and John responded that he was keeping his head above water.  Joe commented that John looks like he ought to be able to float.  Father Paul Rankin is happy that summer is coming, and the cold weather is ending.  Father Buttomer still reads TexLaMex and asked John how he liked Fatima and Rome; Fr. Buttomer studied theology in Rome.  Father John Payne shared some of the history of the Southern Province with John.  Father Leon Boarman is still filled with apostolic zeal and devotion to Our Lady.

On tour in Europe
Father Edwin Kadzielawski is on tour in Europe with Brothers Dan Durig, William Gaseor, and Michael Brickman. Kadz has wanted to go to the Holy Land for many years. He also wanted to do a sabbatical, but he is settling for a trip to Europe. We wish him safe travels and happy trails.

Province Retreat
Our Province Retreat will be at Holy Name Retreat Center in Houston, starting on Sunday evening,
June 3, with supper at 6:00 p.m. It will end on Friday morning, June 8th, after breakfast. Father Ken Grabner of the Indiana Province will be the retreat master.


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