October 2001

Volume 12, No. 10

Page 1

Father Bill Crumley had an accident while traveling on his vacation. He was driving in the Highlands area of North Carolina when he either fell asleep or blacked out.

God was certainly with him because the road there is on the edge of a mountain. (It is very similar to the road between Xilitla and Ahuacatlan in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, where Father Fred Schmidt lives. Bill could have easily driven off a cliff. He broke his hip, broke three ribs, and punctured a lung. He has some cuts on the forehead and his hand and some bruises, but he is actually much better than he looks. (Actually, this would not be a bad situation of any of us when we are 65!)

One of the ways to tell when a patient is doing better is when he or she begins to worry about their hair or their physical appearance. When Bill asked about a pair of scissors to trim his beard, we knew that he was on the mend.

John Korcsmar went to see him in the hospital in Asheville, North Carolina. Bill is doing well. He will need to do some therapy for his hip for a while.

In the meantime, Father Richard Teall has graciously gone down to Bill's parish to cover the Masses and other sacramental needs while Bill is gone. Dick will continue to live with Bill when Bill returns. We are all grateful to Dick for his generosity in helping Bill and the community.

Father Bill Crumley has now recently returned to Louisiana.  He is in a rehab hospital in New Iberia.  The word on the street is that Bill will be mending very quickly now that he can get some fresh gumbo.  Being in the home of Tabasco sauce should help too.

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