September 2001

Vol 12, No. 9

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Father Barry Cabell, Brother Thomas Krieter, Brother Matthew McKenna, and Father John Korcsmar drove down to Monterrey. 
Some people would say that the trip from San Antonio to Roma, TX is an uneventful one. It is true that there is not a variety of interesting sites along the way. Freer, TX is the highpoint of the trip, but only because it has a Dairy Queen where we stop for lunch. However, there were interesting events along the way.
All of us have seen many roadrunner cartoons. Poor Wiley Coyote never catches the roadrunner. But a community member did catch a number of the them along the road, and they will not be appearing in any cartoons. They are not as fast as they seem to be on television.
John Korcsmar has learned how to travel lightly--always with a laptop, of course. His small amount of luggage prompted Barry Cabell to compare him to Father Barrosse, a former superior general. Of course, the small suitcase was the only point of comparison. But, thank God, for at least some point of comparison!

While they were there, they all visited the Candidates' House where they celebrated Mass and then went out to dinner at Pecos Bill's. A good time was had by all!!!

The Candidates with Father Len Collins

The professed with Father Panchot and Brother Matthew

A good time was had by all at Pecos Bill's!

They had to set us up in a room by ourselves; we were so many!

School has started in all of the public and private schools, and now classes have begun at St. Edward's University.  Among the new teachers there is a Holy Cross priest: Father Jeffrey Allison is teaching there this year.  Good luck, Father Jeff, and don't be too tough on those students!

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