November 2001

Volume 12, No. 11

Page 1

We want to to welcome Father Paul Pudussery to Austin, TX!!!  Father Paul comes to us from the Province of India.  We are glad to have him here and helping our community in Austin.  He is living at the provincial house and is helping at Dolores Parish.  

Austin recently (Thursday, Nov. 15) went through a terrible storm.  There were at least two tornados.  Father Paul and Father John were at St. Edward's University when the storm hit.  John was just explaining to Paul how there is always somebody on the track, and there was someone out there in the heavy downpour just to prove the point.

John and Paul were there for the ENLACE steering committee meeting, as was Brother John Paige.  They were on the third floor of the Ragsdale Building, but security got everyone into the auditorium on the first floor (where there are no windows) because a tornado had been sighted at Ben White and I-35.  

When our meeting was over (Yes!!  We huddled in a corner of the stage area of the auditorium and finished our agenda.), John and Paul left.  The rain was still coming down very heavily.  Traffic was very backed up on Woodward, so we came back by way of East Side Drive.

At the provincial house, the lights went out.  Brother Thomas, Father Paul, and Father John sat in the living room in the dark.  Father John was wondering what it must be like in "third world countries."  There are many places where electricity is not as "dependable" as here in the U.S.  John asked Fr. Paul what they would have done if this had happened in India.  Fr. Paul replied, "We would go out behind the house and turn the generator on."   "Which country has more dependable electricity?", John wondered as he sat in the dark.

We decided to keep regular religious discipline, and since it was time for supper, we went to go to Luby's.  However, the lights were out, and the place was totally dark.  We went on further to El Jacalito ,but they had just closed because of the storm.  We found China Garden open, but they had had a large window blown in.  We managed to make several trips to the buffet, and returned to the house content.  The lights did not come back on at the provincial house until later that evening.

The Montopolis area did not fare so well.  The Montopolis Recreation Center (located right across Montopolis Drive from Dolores Church) had planned their annual free turkey dinner, but their electricity went out.  The tornado came by and took off part of their roof.

The parish wasn't damaged, although the Family Center and the rectory lost electricity and phones.  The church and the Franciscan convent never lost electricity.  Sr. Rose noted that God watches over them because the Sisters were able to watch their novela (Mexican soap opera).  Electricity and phones were not on at the rectory until late Friday evening.  

Friday evening, John went over to Moreau House at St. Edward's University for Mass and dinner.  The house was planning to go see the Harry Potter movie.  Joe Ruiz cooked a wonderful supper, and Brother Larry Atkinson dressed for the occasion with a cassock and a witch's black pointed hat to appear as one of the characters in the movie.  A good time was had by all!!!

Len Collins was helping Carlos (one of the candidates in Cd. Guadalupe (Monterrey) with his English. Carlos is in the first year of the minor sem. His class was learning the "Our Father" in English. Len read the prayer out loud to him and smiled at the end of it and asked him if there were more temptations than usual for the seminarians. Carlos looked confused and asked Len why? Len told him their version of the Our Father was asking to be led into temptation. The teacher, who had run off copies of the prayer,
left the "not" out of: lead us not into temptation.  Hopefully, they will be delivered from evil, too.

The Texas area gathered at St. Ignatius the day after Thanksgiving, as we do every year.  Keeping an old tradition, the dinner is always "anything but turkey," so we had brisket and sausage for a delicious dinner.  We had a good turnout.  Father Larry LeVasseur and Brother Donald Blauvelt came up from San Antonio; they had just put on a wonderful dinner for all the Holy Cross people in the San Antonio area on Thanksgiving, the day before.

At dinner, we were informed by Father Harold Essling that they had made a biological discovery at Steiner Lodge.  A possum had fallen into a trash can.  The can was too heavy for the possum to tip over and escape, so Fr. Kadz suggested that they put in a box and fill the trash can with water.  The possum might stand on the box and when the water is high enough, the possum might swim and get out of the trash can.  Their discovery??  They found out that possum can't swim.  Not known as exactly a tree hugger, Fr. Essling quickly pointed out that this was an accident.

On Thanksgiving Day, Bro. Larry Atkinson, Jesus Alonso and Joe Ruiz left Austin on the 2:30 PM Americanos Bus for Guadalupe, N.L. They arrived in the bus station in Monterrey at 10:45 PM and were welcomed to Mexico by Fr. Len Collins, Luis Antonio Perez, Mauricio Becarril, and Carlos Jacobo  de los Santos. A quick ride brought them to La Luz Parish. Chuy and Joe stayed in the house of Frs. Pete Logsdon and Pepe Tomei. Larry stayed in the House of Formation. Friday was a very full day for the three Texans from Moreau House. In the morning, Chuy, who had visited the parish several times before, gave Larry and Joe a walking tour of the area. Len met them for lunch at the Chapel San Matias so all could eat with the old folks of the parish.

After lunch, Len drove the three visitors into the center of Monterrey for a walking tour of downtown Monterrey. All returned to La Luz late in the afternoon for an historic event. The members of the House of Formation in Austin joined with the men in formation in Mexico at a Mass in the House of Formation. Len and Fr. Dan Panchot concelebrated the Mass, which was followed by a supper and fiesta of welcome for the visitors. Marin Hernandez, Paulino Antonio and Bro. Matt McKenna joined in the celebration along with our Candidates Luis Antonio, Mauricio, Carlos, Angel Hernandez, Esmelin Perez and Alejandro Ballesteros. Fr. Pete Logsdon arrived in time for the party, after celebrating Mass at La Luz. The evening ended with a thrilling game of Chinese Checkers.

On Saturday morning, Len drove the visitors to each of our 6 chapels so they could see our Candidates at their catechism apostolates as well as see the 6 Chapels. At 1 PM both Houses went to lunch together. Saturday night Mass was at San Matias followed by a quick supper and time for more sharing.

Larry, Chuy and Joe left for the 11 AM Americanos Bus for Austin at 9:45 AM. Brother Matt served as chauffeur and was very proud that he found the bus station without getting lost. Needless to say a great time was had by all!!!!


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