April  2002

Volume 13, No.4
Gaudeamos Igitur


Father Len Collins was in Peru from the 5th – 15th of April. He was there for two reasons. He visited the novitiate and our novice Luis Antonio Perez, who is really enjoying the novitiate. Luis Antonio was extremely happy to have a visitor from Mexico, not just because he had lived with Len for a year and a half, but because Len arrived with his suitcase full of home made tortillas, cans of jalapeno peppers and bags of candy made in La Luz Parish. But poor Luis Antonio quickly found out the other novices, Simon, Oscar, Cesar and Fernando and the staff Father Jaime and Bro. Juan liked all the gifts, too. Everything was eaten before Len left. Len also gave two classes to the novices, one on the history of the Southern Province and another on the history of CSC presence in Mexico. On Len’s final day in Lima the whole house with several visitors drove up into the mountains for a pachamanca or a Peruvian cookout where everything is cooked in the ground over hot rocks. As the saying goes: A good time was had by all.

From the 10th – the 13th, Len participated in reason number two for his trip. Father Alberto Mahoney, the Justice and Peace Director for the Congregation, had a meeting of CSC Justice and Peace Directors for Latin America at the Maryknoll House. There were representatives from Peru: Fathers Tom Shea and Fred Serreino, from Brazil: Bro. Sergio Roberto Comassetto and Father Severino Gomes, from Haiti: Father Pierre Piquion and from Mexico: Father Len Collins. Three Holy Cross sisters also participated Sisters Eleanora, Celestina and Blanca. Al gave a history of J&P in Holy Cross and traced the roots of his job for the Congregation. The group talked about Debt Reduction, the first international undertaking for J&P and then looked at Ecology, which will be this year’s main topic. This was a real international meeting with people from four countries using Spanish, French, Portuguese and some English. 


Holy Cross pastors from four provinces gathered at Mundelein for a workshop on "Excellent Parishes."  Paul Wilkes, author of several books, including Excellent Catholic Parishes, was the main speaker.

Pastors came from the Indiana, Eastern, Southern, and English Canadian provinces.  As best as we know, this was a first!!  A good time was had by all!!!!


Brother Richard Critz and Father John Korcsmar attended the Region IV meeting of the CMSM (Conference of Major Superiors) in San Antonio.  The chairman of the region was looking for an at-LARGE delegate, and Richard wanted to nominate John, but he resisted.  While they were there, they visited the Brother Charles Andersen Residence; the community took Brother Donald Blauvelt out to dinner to celebrate the vigil of his birthday.  Donald chose the Picante Grill because it was too far to go to Ruth's Chris Steak House in New Orleans.  The budget committee is grateful for the choice.

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