February 2002

Volume 13, No. 2

All the news that is fit to print...not necessarily the news that needs to be printed or to be read.

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Father Paul Pudussery from the Indian Province has gone to study Spanish at the Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) in San Antonio.  He already speaks several languages, and Spanish will make just one more.  He will be studying there for six weeks.  He will often return to Austin for the weekends.

Brother Thomas Krieter represented the province at the Mass and dinner in recognition of the Consecrated Life.  Fr. Hugh Cleary, superior general, and Fr. Arul Gali, one of the assistant superiors general, also attended, as did several Brothers from the South-West Province.  When the list of religious in the diocese celebrating anniversaries of profession this year was read, very many of them were Holy Cross religious.  The celebration took place at St. Mary's Cathedral in Austin, which had been under the care of Holy Cross for over one hundred years.

The Claretians have been in San Marcos, TX for many, many years.  St. John the Evangelist Parish there also is responsible for the Catholic Center at Southwest Texas State University.  The Claretians have also served in other towns nearby, such as Martindale, Uhland, and Kyle.  They have just recently announced that they will be withdrawing from the Diocese of Austin.  We wish them well, and we will keep them in our prayers and in our memories.

The Diocese of Austin has been in a process of developing a strategic pastoral plan for the future.  We know that with an increasing Catholic population, especially among  Hispanics, and with decreasing numbers of priests and religious we will need to do some things differently in the future.  We live in exciting times!!!

From the "It Was Bound to Happen Dept."    One of the lay ministers at Dolores Parish was preparing the candles for the blessing of throats on the "liturgically correct suppressed this year" Feast of St. Blase.  The minister asked Fr. Ed Kadzielawski if they should light the candles before blessing the throats.  Fr. Kadz suggested that they light the candles and then he would use them on him first.  The minister got the point.

"Kids say the darndest things," Art Linkletter used to say.  It is still true.  Fr. John Korcsmar met some kids from St. Ignatius School who had been to Mass with Fr. Pepe Tomei.  Fr. John said, "He doesn't have any hair!"  One of the kids said, "O yes, he does.  ON THE SIDES!"


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