July 2002

Congregation of Holy Cross 

Southern Province

Volume 13, No. 7
All these stories are true!!  Some of them actually happened.

The Holy Cross Hispanic Ministries Committee met at the Father Peyton Center, the home of Holy Cross Family Ministries at Stonehill College.  This year we invited families from some of the places where we work to come and be with us.

Abel Ramos speaks to the group. From Monterrey, Abel Ramos, Sr. Pat Ann Clossey, CSC, Maria Roque, Sr. Joan Mader, CSC, Liliana Ramos, Maria Ramos, David Ramos, and Fr. Len Collins, CSC
Fr. Pepe Martelli from the Valley Missionary Program shares his wisdom.  To learn more about his work, click on Sr. Frances Alvarez, Sr. Pat Ann Thompson and other young people from California discuss an issue.



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