May 2002

Volume 13, No.5
It's May !!  It's May!!  The lovely month of May!!!


Dolores Parish had their annual Jamaica.  Fr. Joe Tomei stopped by, as did Fr.  Ed Kadzielawski and Bro. Thomas Krieter.  Rumor has it that they all thought Father John Korcsmar was in the dunking booth.  Just think how much more money Dolores Parish might have made!!!

Fr. John Korcsmar went to his mother's house to help take care of her after her knee surgery.  He had to do all the cooking.  It's strange how his menu of food matched the cook-out at his brother's house and several restaurants in the area, especially Chinese restaurants and pizza parlors.  Now that he has returned to Austin, his mother is eating much better food!!

While John was home on the west side of Cleveland, he went over to the east side (First, he had to check a map!!) to Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School.  A 10th grade student, Judy Buklad, had won second prize in the national art contest with Holy Cross Family Ministries.  John went to present her with the award and with some videos on Fr. Pat Peyton, CSC and the rosary for her and for the school.

John had done a fair amount of driving while he was home with his mother.  Apart from picking up fast-food from restaurants, he went to the east side.  He also took his mother to the doctor, and on the last day there, he took his mother to the bank and shopping.  But then around 8:00 pm on the last night at home, he went to take the empty pizza boxes to the trash compactor, and the car would not start!!  The battery was dead!!!!  Thank God, he discovered this at 8:00 pm in the evening, rather than at 4:30 am when he was leaving for the airport the next morning!!!

Bishop Gregory Aymond came to Dolores Parish for confirmation.  Bishop Aymond encouraged the young people to think about a vocation to priesthood or religious life.  He also thanked the Franciscan Sisters, Sr. Rose and Sr. Olivia, for all their hard work.  He also thanked Fr. John and Fr. Paul, and he praised the Congregation of Holy Cross for all of our work in the Diocese of Austin over many, many years.

Preparations are all made for the Southern Province retreat at Holy Name Retreat Center in Houston, TX.  The retreat will begin on Sunday evening, June 16, with dinner at 6:00 pm.  It will end on Friday morning, June 21, with Mass and breakfast.  There will be two sets of conferences, one in English and the other in Spanish.  Fr. Richard Renshaw, CSC of the English Canadian Province will be the retreat master.  All members of the Congregation are more than welcome to attend.  For more information, you can email John Korcsmar at or phone him at (512) 443-3886.



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