October 2002

Congregation of Holy Cross 

Southern Province

Vol. 13, No. 10

All these stories are true!!  Some of them actually happened.

On September 20th, the 406th anniversary of the founding of Monterrey, Mexico, the Minor Seminary had a presentation of speeches. 22 seminarians participated, 21 from the Archdiocese and Carlos Jacobo de los Santos, from Holy Cross. Father Len Collins and Esmelin Perez de la Cruz were part of the audience. The speeches ranged from religious to secular. Some were very good. In others the seminarian lost his way. Carlos was excellent speaking about world peace and applying the Golden Rule to obtain it. Congratulations, Carlos and keep pushing for peace!

At the beginning of September, Father Len Collins was in Sao Paulo, Brazil for a formation meeting of Holy Cross people from Brazil, Peru, Chile, Haiti and Mexico. The meeting went well with a Jesuit presenter. He talked about the four stages of sexual development.

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Saint Francis would be proud!

At Steiner Lodge, one of the brethren (we won't mention any names) is well-known for his diligence in chasing away some of the wildlife in the area.  While the psalms often make reference to the speed of the deer, it would seem that most of that speed was developed in response to being chased away from Steiner.  

In the spirit of fraternal correction, Fr. Kadzielawski often reminds his community member of God's love for all creatures, including the deer.  The deer are truly grateful.  Their showed their gratitude by eating Fr. Kadz's plants the other night.

By the way, we want to wish Fr. Harold Essling a happy birthday on October 4, the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.  

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It must be true!

The New York Times has developed its own computer ratings of the college football teams.  They have ranked Notre Dame, No. 1.  Texas is ranked No. 29.  They wouldn't print it in the Times if it weren't true....

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