September 2002

Congregation of Holy Cross 

Southern Province

Volume 13, No. 9
All these stories are true!!  Some of them actually happened.

Father Harold Essling prepared a wonderful feast for all the Holy Cross people in the Austin area on Labor Day.  The camp was in tip-top shape, the food was plentiful and delicious.  The priests, brothers, and sisters turned out in good numbers, and a good time was had by all!

The women of Holy Cross were not to be outdone. On Sunday, September 15, they prepared a wonderful social hour and dinner at the St. Ignatius Martyr rectory in Austin.  New to the Austin area and to this gathering were Sister Charlotte LeBeouf, M.S.C. and Sister Stephanie Brignac, M.S.C., two Marianites of Holy Cross who are teaching at the new Juan Diego High School in South Austin.  Welcome, Charlotte and Stephanie; we are glad you are here!!

The Texas region gathered at the Father Culhane Residence in South Austin so that everyone could see the new house.  The house is located on the corner of Forest Avenue and Oltorf Street (northwest corner) one block west of St. Ignatius.  Father Joseph Geniesse is the first resident.  We are all grateful to Brother Thomas Krieter and Father Harold Essling for all the hard work they put into renovating and preparing the house.

The Sisters of the Holy Cross received their first candidate from Mexico on Monday, September 16 at San Matias in Cd. Guadalupe, N.L.  Lilie had spent some time with the Sisters as part of a "Come and See" program.  She is now accepted as a candidate.

Sister Mary Louise Full welcomes Lilia Esther Marinez Herrera to the Congregation.  Mario Guzman translates. Lili receives her copy of the Constitutions and the latest Chapter Documents from Sister Mary Louise.  Mario apparently approves.
The community blesses Lili and the formation team. The Holy Cross community in Monterrey.