December 2003

Congregation of Holy Cross 

Southern Province


Vol. 14, No. 11

E.N.L.A.C.E. (a collaborative effort among St. Edward's, Dolores Parish, Austin Interfaith, Allison Elementary, Martin Middle School, and Johnston High School) celebrated Posadas at the Main Building at St. Edward's University.  Some of the ladies in the neighborhood prepared chocolate, bunuelos, and tamales for the event.  Joe Ruiz and Jesus Alonzo danced with the St. Ed's folklorico group and Scott Castro sang.  Brother John Paige, Brother Romard Barthel, Brother Carl Tiedt, Brother Gerald Muller, and Father John Korcsmar all watched.  A good time was had by all!

Above right: Let's hope Olga and the Sisters at Dolores don't learn about those whips!!!

Left: Father John and Maricela Prieto, one of the ladies from Dolores who cooked tamales: "Always be good to the cooks!!"

A few new things have been posted on the Southern Province Website: If you click on the Table of Contents, you can then choose J&P Alerts (These come from CMSM (Conference of Major Superiors of Men) and Documents from the General Administration.  The documents from the General Administration include Father Hugh Cleary's State of the Congregation and the reports from the difference provincial chapters to the questionnaire on restructuring; these documents are in Adobe Acrobat Reader Format.


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