March 2003

Congregation of Holy Cross 

Southern Province


Vol. 14, No. 3

All these stories are true!!  Some of them actually happened

Oh, the joy of email!!  Sr. Rose Moreno at Dolores told Father John Korcsmar that her email was not working the last few days.  Could he fix it?  Well, he did.  In just four days, she had 599 emails.  Maybe two of them were really messages--the rest was junk.  She had said that she had gotten a few, but she had clicked on the unsubscribe button.  So now we all know not to do that!!

At the moment, Father Richard Teall is in the South Austin Hospital.  He was in a hurry as he was leaving one of the public libraries when he fell and hurt himself.  He got up, and a few of the cars in the parking lot were in his way as he left.  Both he and the cars are doing much better.



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