October 2003

Congregation of Holy Cross 

Southern Province


Vol. 14, No. 9

All the news that's fit to print, and then some that's not worth the effort.

The Texas region met out at Steiner Lodge on Tuesday, October 7.  There were some updates on a few things, but none of the gossip was worth repeating.  Most of the discussion was concerning the programs for future meetings.  Some of the suggestions for discussion were: our constitutions, letters from the superior general, Holy Cross spirituality, encyclicals, and other things.  

Fr. Joe Tomei, CSC was appointed by Bishop Gregory Aymond to be a member of the continuing education committee of priests.  Congratulations, Pepe!

Father John Korcsmar, CSC is heading up a committee to help the Del Valle Independent School District to become part of the Austin Community College District.  The Montopolis neighborhood is gerrymandered (worse than the Texas Legislature could have done!).  At a certain point in history, the City of Austin annexed some of the neighborhood, but took only those lots that were still empty.  The result is that you can walk down the street, and there is no apparent reason why different houses belong to different school districts.  

The hope is that there will be enough signatures to hold an election and that people will vote to join.  The tuition is much higher for those students who live out of the district.  

The Austin Holy Cross parishes had blessings of animals for the Feast of St. Francis.  The school at St. Ignatius had lots of animals, including a whole horse.  The CCD kids at Dolores brought all kinds of animals, including rodents, birds, dogs, and cats.  All the animals are blessed.  Now we have to work on the people.

At Dolores Parish they are doing presentations on Welcoming the Stranger: Unity in Diversity, a pastoral letter of the Catholic Bishops in the U.S.  The population in most parts of the United States is rapidly changing.  It certainly is in the Diocese of Austin.  The diocese will double in size in only twenty years, and most of that growth will be Hispanic (and most of that will be immigrant).  In order for the Church to be strong in the future, we will have to embrace this change, and make sure that everyone (immigrants as well as people who have been around our local parishes for a long time) feels needed, respected, and genuinely a part of the Church.

San Juan Diego Church is a small parish, just across the county line and just beyond Dolores Parish.  Presently there are two Sunday liturgies, one in English and one in Spanish.  

The Spanish Mass at 1:00 pm is so crowded that the people are in the aisle, around the altar, and out on the front steps of the church.  There are between 15 and 20 baptisms every week.  The church holds about 8p people, but the people who come to the 1:00 pm Mass for a baptism fill up the church by themselves.  Religious education is packed.  There is simply no space left for CCD students.  Because of the overcrowding at the Spanish Mass, there will be another Spanish Mass on Saturday afternoons; the baptisms will also be celebrated at that time.

Stony Point was established as a mission by Fr. Cliff Atwood, CSC.  There is still a picture of him inside the church.

And, of course, they have a web page: http://www.sjdiego.org/  The only real surprise about it is that Fr. John Korcsmar, CSC is NOT the webmaster.  There are two deacons who have been working in the parish and who continue to do tremendous work.


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