October 2004



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
The time when the frost is on the pumpkin!!
Vol. 15, No. 10

Father John Korcsmar is the Diocesan Director for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for the Diocese of Austin.  The CCHD Committee had a retreat out at Steiner Lodge.  Ms. Susan Stolfa, formerly of the national CCHD staff, lead the retreat.

Father Harold Essling was the perfect host.  The camp was in wonderful shape.   It even has wireless internet access now.

Susan Stolfa makes a point. Barbara Budde responds.

     The Indian Catholic Association of Central Texas held a fundraiser at the Family Center at St. Ignatius Martyr Church.  They offered "A Taste of India."  There were many different foods, snacks and desserts.  A good time was had by all!!

Sr. Nancy Pewterbaugh, CSC, Swreda, Sr. Adelaide Cannon, C.S.C. and Br. Thomas Krieter. A fashion show

October the 4th is Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.  It is also Father Harold Essling's birthday.  We couldn't help but wonder--given St. Francis' love of animals--whether Harold invited the deer to his birthday dinner.  That would be a very nice gesture.

On the other hand, the Pilgrims invited the Indians to first Thanksgiving Dinner, and look what we did to them after that!!!

Father Bill Crumley is on the mend after his vacation.  Most people take a vacation for rest, relaxation, and to be refreshed.  Not Bill!!  He takes a vacation to grow new bones.  On his vacation, he slipped on a rock on a nature trail and broke some bones in his foot.  He is mending nicely.

Some people are suggesting Bill take a cruise for his vacation next year!!

Father John Korcsmar drove down to Monterrey to see the Holy Cross people there.  The Holy Cross Sisters now have two houses.  One was the house they had for a number of years.  The other, called La Providencia, is a house for candidates.  It is currently being expanded since they now have four young ladies who are interested in religious life.





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