Congregation of Holy Cross 

Southern Province

"Don't stuff the wrong turkey!!"

  November 2004  
  Vol. 15, No. 11
 The religious of the Austin area gathered at camp.  They spent some time looking at the superior general's letter concerning the last general chapter, information on Haiti and the Solidarity Day, and the News Notes from the General Council.  John Korcsmar announced that Harold Essling was appointed as director of the Austin cluster.

The Bishop of Austin had a two-day seminar on Catholic morality for the priests working in the diocese.  The talks and discussion were interesting.  There was a very good Holy Cross presence at the event.

After the presentations and discussions, all the priests drove over to St. William's Church.  Each year the bishop and priests gather for Mass and pray for all the priests who have served in the Diocese of Austin and have died.  The names of the priests, diocesan and religious, are read at Mass and printed on the program.

St. William's in Round Rock was a Holy Cross parish.  You can read some of the history, including about Father Fred Schmidt, at http://saintwilliams.org/parish_history.htm.

Father Bob Gilmour has been staying in Austin much longer than expected.  At first he was staying a little loner because he was doing some work for the District of Ghana while here in Austin.  Then he developed a little problem with his throat, and the doctors would like to make sure it clears up before he travels.  Bob has been working in Ghana since 1974, so we are glad that he gets to spend a little extra time with us in Austin.

We weren't sure as to when he would be leaving, so we scheduled a "going away party," which turned out to be a luncheon in a Chinese restaurant.  The whole provincial office staff was there.

That's Bob on the left and Sam on the right.  Sam is Minerva Camarena-Skeith's son.  It looks as though Bob is careful not to let Sam get any of his lunch! How quickly things change!  It looks as though Bob is going after Sam's lunch!!
Sam enjoys a spring roll. Brother Thomas takes care of Sam.


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