March 2004


Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province


Vol. 15, No. 3

March is a wonderful month.  But be careful to not drink too much on St. Patty's Day.  When you start seeing leprechauns everywhere, you've had too much.

The provincial council met at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in New Orleans, LA. Among the things we discussed:

* Brother Matt McKenna was approved for final vows. His petition will be forwarded with approval to the superior general and his council for their approval. Congratulations,  Brother Matt!

* We discussed the Instruments of Healing and Hope program. This is the effort by CMSM that is analogous to the Charter for the Protection of Children by the USCCB. While there is nothing new in terms of announcements, there will be a good deal of work to be done so that we are accredited (to use the terminology of Praesidium). Praesidium is the same company that the Diocese of Austin has hired to set up their policies and procedures. While the topic of sexual abuse of children is not a pleasant one, there is a good feeling that we are setting up procedures and doing the right things to protect children.

* While we were at Sacred Heart, we talked about the parish. We have a very long history there; the parish will be celebrating its 125th anniversary this summer. Father Bob Brennan is doing a fine job there as pastor, along with the two brothers, Brother Walter Gluhm and Brother Richard Kelly. While we are glad that they are all there, we do look forward to the day when some one from our own province is working there.  It's a fine parish, with a good CSC community, and with a lot of Holy Cross history and tradition.  Besides the 125 years at the parish, there is also the history of Holy Cross School with the Holy Cross Brothers and the continued presence and ministry of the Marianites of Holy Cross in New Orleans.

While we were there, Father Joe Callahan, former provincial of the Eastern Province of Priests and Brothers, was at Sacred Heart.  He was giving a parish mission at Sacred Heart Parish.  Joe is now the director of the retreat house at Stonehill College.

Father John Korcsmar then flew down from New Orleans to Monterrey for the provincial visit at the house of the professed in formation.  Father Daniel Panchot showed some videos.  One was on the life of Bishop Mendez Arceo of Cuernavaca.  The others were films made by Family Theater: one on Cardinal Bernardin and another on three families in Peru.  The one on Bishop Mendez Arceo told of his spiritual growth by studying Scripture and liturgy; those things led him to a deep commitment to the poor.  The one on Cardinal Bernardin told of how he was a peacemaker and reconciler.  He maintained his dignity and position of graceful leadership through the writing and publishing of the peace pastoral (the use of nuclear arms), the accusation of abusing a seminarian, and even his journey through sickness and to his death.

The three families was about families in Puno, Lima, and Chimbote.  They are three places where Holy Cross people were working.  The movie talked about how the families dealt with poverty, cultural change, and other problems and how their faith guided and strengthened then.

While John was visiting Monterrey we had a familiar visitor, Bishop John McCarthy.  Bishop McCarthy flew to Monterrey to give a retreat to the American community at Our Lady of Fatima.  We had a wonderful dinner and visit at one of the sisters' houses.  A good time was had by all!


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