April 2004


Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province


Vol. 15, No. 4

WARNING!!!!     Eating too  many  Easter  eggs makes  you  see  too  much Easter-egg-pink,  green and  blue.

Father John Korcsmar, CSC, and Sr. Rose Moreno, FHM from Dolores Parish and Father Joe Tomei, CSC, Sr. Alice Condon, CSC; and Diane Zbasnik from St. Ignatius Martyr Parish attended an Austin Interfaith seminary for clergy and parish leaders.  Robert Linthicum, author of Transforming Power and other books, was the speaker.

Rev. Linthicum is an ordained Presbyterian minister.  He has served in congregations as pastor and has worked in establishing and guiding community organizations and church outreach services.  While he was still in seminary he saw how a teen-aged girl, Eva, was confronted by a serious problem that could not be resolved at an individual, personal level.

Eva confided that she was being pressured by a local gang to become their prostitute.  She had become a practicing Christian and wanted to avoid this.  Rev. Linthicum had quoted a number of Scriptures, encouraging her.  After summer vacation when he returned to school, he went to find Eva.  She said that she had given in.  The gang had threatened to hurt her father.  She would not give in, and her father was beaten.  They threatened to hurt her brother.  She would not give him, and they broke her brother's two legs.  They threatened to gang rape her mother.  She gave in.

Rev. Linthicum asked, "Why didn't you go to the police?"  She responded with, "You dumb honky!!  Who do you think the gang is??"   Thus began Rev. Linthicum's understanding that sometimes evil is not merely personal; it can also be systemic.

During the workshop, Rev. Linthicum went through the Book of Nehemiah from the Old Testament.  Nehemiah was the cupbearer to the Persian King.  Nehemiah is visited by some people from Jerusalem who tell him the walls of the city are broken and need to be rebuilt, since the people are open prey to the desert nomads. 

The book tells us Nehemiah began to understand the problem, did a power analysis, developed people for change, and organized a plan.  

Sr. Rose Moreno and Fr. John Korcsmar went to another seminar.  This time the speaker was Rev. Robert Schreiter, CPP.S.  Father Shreiter teaches about culture at the Chicago Theological Union.  The topic of his talk was doing local theology.  Every particular age and place has its own perspective on the world.  We understand and see things through our historically, culturally placed mindview.  Some of the issues and particular expression of concepts might be very important to the people of one time and place, but they might sound and be understood very differently by people living at another time and in another culture.   Certainly this would also be very important in the Catholic Church in the United States these days.

On Tuesday of Holy Week, the priests in the Diocese of Austin gathered at St. Margaret Mary Church in Cedar Park (Leander) for the Chrism Mass with Bishop Gregory Aymond.  Holy Cross had a good representation with Fr. John Korcsmar (who is also dean of the Austin South Deanery), Fr. Joseph DeVliegher, pastor of Our Mother of Sorrows in Burnet), Fr. Barry Cabell, pastor of Holy Family Parish in Copperas Cove, Fr. Joe Tomei, pastor of St. Ignatius Martyr Church, Fr. Marin Hernandez Campos, Fr. Jim Fahey,  and Fr. Paul Pudusser



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