May 2004


Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province


Vol. 15, No. 5

"All the News You Need to Know and Plenty You Don't"

Last month we left our beloved provincial stranded on a plane, out on the tarmac in Lafayette, LA.  The weather had forced his plane from Monterrey en route to Houston to go east.  As so many readers have been worried about Father John Korcsmar, we want to catch you up on his exploits. 

Fortunately, as John traveled through the storm, he was in God's hands.

After about two and a half hours in Lafayette, the captain decided that we should try to fly to Houston.  Everyone was seated on the plane, but the door was still open because they had to move the stairs away from the plane.  We had to wait for some one from the airport to come to do this.  Then the rains came, and the water came in through the open door.  Lots of water.  Finally, we took off and flew to Houston.  The second flight was about four hours late, so John made his connection, but got into San Antonio at 5:00 p.m.  He got to the church at Stony Point at 6:45 p.m.  Thank God for Fr. Jim Fahey who heard the 4:00 p.m. confessions, and Deacon Josť Chavez who presided at the wedding.

On Sunday, at Dolores Church, they had a recognition of those who teach and are involved in the education of our children.  The principal of Allison and many of the  teachers from there were present at the Mass.  Allison Elementary is the A.I.S.D. school and an Alliance School just down the street from the back entrance to Dolores.  There were also many parishioners of Dolores who are teachers or involved in services at the different public schools.  Among those present were also Sr. Charlotte Lebeouf, M.S.C. and Sr. Stephanie Brignac, M.S.C. who teach at San Juan Diego Catholic High School, located at San Josť Parish.  John spoke about the importance of supporting those who take on the challenge of educating our young people.

Fr. John presents Sr. Stephanie Brignac, MSC with a certificate. Ms. Rosalie Olivieri, principal at Allison Elementary,  receives her certificate.
Sr. Carlota Lebeouf receives her certificate. Rachel Gonzales, parent support specialist from Allison.
Michelle Rivera Griselda Rodriguez prepares before Mass.























The CSC's of the Texas region gathered out at Steiner Lodge for the last monthly meeting of the (school) year.

Father Harold Essling prepared a wonderful meal (as usual).  This time he prepared ham (Remember: "you are what you eat!").  There was a report from the provincial on his visits and the latest news around the province.  Brother Thomas was elected by acclamation to take charge of the group again for next year.  A good time was had by all (except the pig)!



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