June 2004


Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province


Vol. 15, No. 6

"It's all true!!  They wouldn't let them put it on the Internet if it weren't!!!"

At Dolores Parish, they celebrated confirmation on May 27th, which is Fr. John Korcsmar's birthday.

Angel Costilla, Deacon Rudy Rios, Bishop Aymond, Father John Korcsmar. Bishop Aymond listens to the Word proclaimed.
Teresa Trejo proclaims the Word. "Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit!"
The musicians and singers wait for Fr. John and the bishop. Bishop Aymond, Fr. John, and Deacon Rudy Rios arrive at the hall.  Father John thanks people for the surprise birthday party.
The Sisters had decorated the church very nicely.  The catechists had prepared all of the students thoroughly.  Albert Costilla led the music.  Deacon Rudy Rios had a candidate from San Juan Diego in Stony Point.  28 young people were confirmed.

After the Confirmation Mass, there was a pot luck dinner in the Family Center.

A good time was had by all!

Sr. Rose, Bishop Aymond, Fr. John, and Sr. Olivia enjoy supper.

It has been busy this time of year.  There was the graduation Mass at Dolores.  There were also 70 First Holy Communions, and 58 First Confessions.  At San Juan Diego, there were 75 First Holy Communions.  There were so many kids at San Juan Diego that we had to have three Masses; the church was filled three times!






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