July 2004



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
Special Commemorative Edition!!!
Vol. 15, No. 7

Father Pete Logsdon and Father John Korcsmar flew from Austin to Rome for the 2004 General Chapter for the Congregation.  They went to the Salesianum, the generalate for the Salesians, where the General Chapter will take place.  Father Bob Gilmour is also here; he will be helping with the taking of minutes.

The Salesianum is a beautiful place.  There are several large buildings on a large complex.  There is ample walking space. They have a long driveway into the complex, and there are beautiful gardens on the grounds.  The buildings are all air-conditioned, which is very, very helpful in Rome in the summer.  The rooms have TV's, phones, and high speed internet access.  One could not ask for better accommodations!

At supper one night we met a Salesian who is from the Middle Eastern Province.  They are having their provincial chapter in Rome because it is difficult--perhaps impossible--for the men to come together from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Israel, etc.  Crossing those borders is so difficult that it is easier for them to come all the way to Rome.

Fr. Cleary called the name of each capitulant.

On Sunday evening, July 4, the General Chapter capitulants and support staff celebrated the Eucharist with Fr. Hugh Cleary, Superior General, as the main celebrant and homilist.  After Communion, he called out the names of the capitulants; each responded "present."  Hugh then declared the General Chapter officially open.


At the end of Mass, everyone prayed the following prayer together:

Lord, we have gathered together in general chapter from many lands to hear your voice and discover your will for Holy Cross.

Lord, we ask you to sustain us with your wisdom and your strength.  Give us the competence to see and the courage to act.  May we, with the help of your grace, fulfill our desire to live and work together for mission during these days of chapter and in the years to come.  Amen.

Fr. Pete in St. Peter's Square. Fr. John in front of St. Peter's

We held the election for superior general, and Father Hugh Cleary was re-elected.  We all want to congratulate Father Cleary and keep him in our prayers as continues his ministry of leading the Congregation.

The work of the chapter continued, but much of the work has been committee work: reviewing documents, writing new ones, re-writing them in the committee, and then presenting them to the general assembly.

The first step with the general assembly is slow.  There are remarks and comments from many people.  The next step is to take the documents back to committee for a re-write, and then present them to the general assembly.  The second and third readings go very quickly as they are done in parliamentary fashion.

We have had a number of names placed in nomination for the assistant generals.  It presently appears that there will be two assistant generals living in Rome with another four who will be "fly in councilors."







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