August 2004



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
"It's corn season--in more ways than one!!"
Vol. 15, No. 8

Summer has arrived in Texas.  You know it is summer in Texas when the buckle on your seat belt also functions as a branding iron.  

Speaking of the heat, Mario Guzmán has moved from Cd. Guadalupe, Nuevo León to San Antonio, Texas.  He is studying English at Our Lady of the Lake University and is studying theology at Oblate College.  Mario says it is HOT in San Antonio.  Like it's really cool in Monterrey???

Brother Matthew McKenna has begun his school year as a teacher at the San Juan Diego High School. 

San Juan Diego High School is a Catholic high school that has a work program for all the students.  The students go to school four days a week and work on the fifth day.  The money from the jobs goes directly to the school, as a way of making the school affordable for the students who could not otherwise attend a Catholic High School.

Matthew--along with other Holy Cross people: Brother Patrick Sopher, Brother Jesus Alonzo, Brother Howard Metz, Sister Stephanie Brignac, and Sister Charlotte LeBoeuf--has started all of the workshops and meetings in preparation for the school year.  

Father John Korcsmar continues to walk a little over a mile each morning.  Minerva Camarena-Skeith emailed him to find out when he is coming back.  When he said at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night, Drill Instructor Minerva wrote back, "Good!  See you at 7:00 a.m. for your walk!)

If John has finished his coffee, he gets to push the stroller with Samuel in it.  (Samuel is Paul and Minerva's one-year, three month old.)  If he didn't finish his coffee, he gets to walk Rocky (a four-legged boxer who can't shadowbox because he is afraid of his shadow).

Fr. Paul Pudussery has moved to Stonehill College.  He will be working on a doctorate at Boston College and living and working at Stonehill with the Holy Cross Community.  We all wish Paul the very best!!

Fr. John Korcsmar flew down to Lima, Peru to give his class on the spirituality of justice and peace to the novices there.  When he arrived, he found that it took over an hour to get through immigration and customs.  As there were so many people coming to Lima, there were thousands of people waiting to meet people there.  John was impressed that so many came out to meet him.  There were dozens of people who wanted to take him for a ride in a taxi.

There are presently 8 novices at the novitiate, including Esmelin Pérez from the Southern Province.  There are also one from Brazil, two from Columbia, three from Peru, and one from Chile.









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