September 2004



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
"It's corn season--in more ways than one!!"
Vol. 15, No. 9

When we chose to accept a parish in Monterrey (La Luz in Cd. Guadalupe), we deliberately chose a parish that already had some relationship with Austin and that could build more relationships and interchange with our parishes in Austin.

Many families at Dolores Parish have relatives in Monterrey.  We are also strengthening the bonds  between the two parishes with the marriage dinamicas.  Six couples from Dolores have now attended the marriage dinamica in Monterrey, and they are very enthused to have even more to go and share the experience.

The latest group of Dolores parishioners with Fr. Marin & Fr. Pete.

Father Bob Gilmour has returned from Ghana by way of Rome and Notre Dame.  He has been staying at St. Ignatius and helping at the provincial house during the day.  We are glad that he is with us!!

The Development Office has been working hard to prepare materials, put on a fundraising dinner, and share information about our needs.  The latest effort is that it is now possible to make a donation to the Province, the Solidarity Fund, a number of our internal works, as well as some of our parishes.  You can click on the "Contributions" link on our web page or just go to





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