December 2004



Congregation of Holy Cross 

Southern Province

"Remember: You are what you eat!"


Dolores Parish and the Montopolis neighborhood have a special relationship with St. Edward's University.  Of course, part of that is that they share a common Holy Cross tradition.  In the days when Father Carlos Delaney was pastor, the Brothers would come from Vincent Hall at St. Edward's University to sing and teach C.C.D. to the children. One former provincial of the Eastern Province of Brothers played the role of Santa Claus (hint: It was NOT Brother John Gleason).

That relationship has been strengthened again by the work of ENLACE, a project led by Brother John Paige, C.S.C. when he was at St. Edward's.  The partners--Dolores Parish, St. Edward's University, Allison Elementary School, Johnston High School, and Austin Interfaith--have been working together to make systemic change so that more Latino students will make it through the "educational pipeline" of K--16.

One of the events is the celebration of Posadas at St. Edward's by people from Dolores Parish and Montopolis at St. Edward's.


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