February 2005



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
February is the shortest month.  Hopefully there won't be too much stuff in this issue.
Vol. 16, No. 2

There were two novices from Colorado Springs visiting Austin.  Aaron Michka (IP) and Brother Matthew Swanlund (EP) stayed at St. Ignatius Church with Father Joe Tomei and Brother Joel Giallanza.  We hope that the good religious life of the novices was able to restore regular discipline and good order in the local community.

Aaron and Matthew did have the opportunity to go to Monterrey and see the local community there.  They drove down with John Korcsmar for a very quick visit.  They had the chance to meet the men in formation there, as well as the parish staff at La Luz.  A good time was had by all except John Korcsmar's car, who is now very tired.


Father John Korcsmar was part of the Texas Industrial Areas Foundation rally at the state capitol in Texas.  IAF organizations from all over Texas sent people.  St. Ignatius Church in Austin sent 30 people, including Father Joe Tomei.  Some of the issues they were advocating for were:

Some of the Austin Interfaith people, including Rafaela Guebara (holding the Austin Interfaith sign, her husband Jorge Nunez, toward her left, Roberto Amaya from St. Ignatius behind Jorge, and Aaron Michka, one of the CSC novices to Roberto's left. Part of the crowd in front of the Capitol.
Back at Dolores, it was somebody's birthday--actually two somebodies.

Maricela Prieto (left), Imelda Prieto, and Sr. Rose, one of the birthday girls.

What would a birthday be without breakfast tacos, mixed fruit, and a birthday cake????

Sr. Rose cuts another piece of birthday cake. Janie DeLeon, Dominga Hernandez (the other birthday girl), and Marcela Arias.


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