Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province

April 2005 Vol. 16, No. 4



April was off to a difficult start with the death of Pope John Paul II.    Perhaps you have already heard so much about him, but nevertheless, I would like to add just a few more thoughts.

It struck me how many people were affected by his death.  Of course, he was a world-wide figure, and he had been pope for a long time, but I still am struck by how many people were affected so deeply.  A second thing I noticed from the TV news was that there were so many young people who were affected.

The news media, at least in the U.S., has always portrayed how the American Catholics have a difficult time with the pope.  On some of his visits, people remarked how he would find a church here that would not accept some of his teachings.  I did hear some people who were interviewed on TV say that although they did not agree with him on some things, they still admired him and felt a great loss at his death.

Maybe we all really are "cafeteria Catholics" and just pick and choose which dimensions of our Faith we will accept.  On the other hand, perhaps we are all still in the process of conversion.  Instead of saying that people just pick and choose, perhaps we should say that they are are still in the process.  If they rejected some of his teaching, they certainly did not reject him--as we often do with other leaders.  And perhaps we should also remember that God is not finished with us yet....And we are not done with ourselves or with God yet.



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