May  2005



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
 Bringing you the trivia that is holding 

Western civilization together.

Vol. 16, No. 5

Sr. Rose Moreno at Dolores Parish celebrated Cinco de Mayo (this year, also known as 05/05/05) by having surgery on her gall bladder--about a two hour operation..  Her beloved pastor, Fr. John Korcsmar, generously told her she could take the rest of the day off.  (This could get out of hand.  Next winter she may want an extra lump of coal in the stove.)

The Sisters were even much kinder.  As Sr. Rose rested in bed, she had a little bell to be able to ask for things.  She is now known as "The Princess."

No, that is not Sr. Rose, but the new Queen at the Jamaica at San Juan Diego in Stoney Point.  It was a long day of food, games, and music, but everyone had a very good time. 

Each May the priests of the Diocese of Austin gather for the Annual Kielbasi Cookout.  The last several years it has been held at St. Paul's Church in South Austin, and it was once again this year.  The local pastor, Fr. Paul McCallum, a subway Notre Dame alum and died-in-the-wool Boston Red Sox fan, came outside for a short visit and a short walk.  He has recently had bypass surgery.

Msgr. Fred Bomar, Msgr. Tom Frank, Fr. Mike Mulvey, and Msgr. Ed Dokopil chat after lunch. Some birds made the visit.  They were so special that I can't spell what kind they are.  Fr. Richard Tijerina admires them.  How many birds can you find in the picture?


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