June 2005



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province

"Always the finest news that money can buy."

Vol. 16, No. 6

Paulino Antonio will be going to Peru for a formation experience with a view to preparing for final vows.  He will be under the direction of Father Bob Baker (district superior).  He will be staying at the candidates' house and will visit the novitiate and the works of the district.

On Friday evening, June 3, 2005, Sacred Heart Day, our professed seminarian Carlos Jacobo de los Santos graduated from the Minor Seminary of Monterrey. The seminary had a special Mass at 6 PM followed by the graduation awards. Fathers Dan Panchot and Marin Hernandez Campos concelebrated the Mass at the seminary. Since Carlos is from our parish in Guadalupe, his whole family attended the celebration. At the same ceremony, our candidate Margarito Dominguez Bautista finished the special year for older men, receiving the proper certificate.
Carlos Jacobo de los Santos Luis Antonio Perez Olivos
Following the festivities at the seminary, all returned to the Professed House for a great fiesta honoring both men. All of Holy Cross in Mexico was at this fiesta, including Fathers Pete Logsdon and Len Collins, who participated in his wheel chair. Len is still trying to keep his knee immobile for another two weeks.
The fiesta also honored our professed seminarian Luis Antonio Perez Olivos. Luis Antonio graduated from the philosophy department of the Major Seminary of Monterrey on the morning of the 4th, with a special Mass and awards at the Major Seminary.
Congratulations to all three men!!!  Carlos and Margarito will begin philosophy on August. Luis Antonio will begin theology at the same time. Keep up the good work.


 Alfredo Ledesma will be spending part of the summer at Our Lady of Soledad Parish in Indio, CA, where Fr. Bruce Cecil is pastor.

Bruce did a regency year with Fr. Jack Keefe at Santo Tomás Moro.  Now one of the professed seminarians from Monterrey will be spending time at his parish.

Alfredo is originally from Ahuacatlan, San Luis Potosi.



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