July 2005



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province

Worth exactly what you paid for it.

Vol. 16, No. 7

Father Len Collins is settled in at Brother Vincent Pieau Residence.  He was concerned that he get treatment for his tendon.  Brother Joe Kinsman and Father John Korcsmar are making sure he gets the treatment all right.

Luis Antonio Pérez has been taking some English classes while staying at Dolores Parish in Austin, TX.  Mario Guzmán has also arrived in Austin and is also staying at Dolores and taking English classes at the same school.  The teacher at the school was very impressed with Mario's command of English.  Both Mario and Luis know enough English to go see a movie (War of the Worlds) with Joe Ruiz in English.

Deacon Hector Rosales teaches the first class of the baptismal preparation sessions.  This is only the Spanish speaking group.  The English speaking group is smaller and is in a classroom.


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