August  2005



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province

Looks like the corn crop is in.

Vol. 16, No. 8








August is the time each year when the Conference of Major Superiors of Men gathers to its annual convention.  The provincials, superiors general, abbots of the United States all come together to reflect on themes of common interest.  Naturally, we gather in a place which is easy to get to and has all the necessary facilities and settings for our common work. 

Apparently most of the superiors were not feeling enough heat because we chose to meet in Phoenix, AZ.  Phoenix is a place where you can fry an egg on the sidewalk and then put it on the burner to just keep it warm.

There were a number of CSC's present: Bro. William Zaydak, Bro. Richard Critz, Bro. Joel Giallanza (for the vicars for religious), Bro. Paul Bednarczak (for the national vocation office), Fr. Ken Molinaro, Fr. Bud Colgan, and Fr. John Korcsmar.

Of course, this did give us the opportunity to visit with the other CSC's in the area so we had evening prayer, Mass, and supper with the Casa Santa Cruz community.


While we were there, two of the seminarians (Neil and Chuck) came by from St. John Vianney.  Also Fr. Ed Kaminski, who is pastoring two parishes in the area was also there for supper.

We stayed at the Camelback Inn, across from the Camelback Mountain.  Can you see the camel's back on the left and his head on the right?

If you have very special eyes, you can see John waving from the top of the camel's back.




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