Jan 2006



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
Vol. 17, No. 1

Fr. John Korcsmar had dinner with the Holy Cross Sisters at East Side Drive: Sr. Judy Murphy, Sr. Lili Martinez, and Sr. Ann Monica Nguyen.  They were joined by Sr. Pat Clossey and Sr. Lili's parents who came from Monterrey with Fr. Pete Logsdon.  Sr. Judy Hallock came a bit later.

The dinner was very good. Unfortunately the Fiesta Bowl could have gone better.
Sr. Judy Hallock, Sr. Lili's mother and father, Fr. John, Sr. Pat Clossey, and Sr. Judy Murphy Sr. Pat Clossey, Sr. Lili, Sr. Judy Murphy, Sr. Judy Hallock, Sr. Lili's mother and father

Fr. John Korcsmar flew over to New Orleans, LA.  Archbishop Hughes had a meeting with all of the major superiors.  At the meeting, he shared the proposed plan for the re-opening parishes, schools, and community centers.

During the meeting, he mentioned that he celebrated the Christmas Vigil Mass at St. Anthony's, down Canal Street from Sacred Heart Parish.  He said that there were many people from Sacred Heart who wondered when Sacred Heart would reopen.

From New Orleans, John flew to Monterrey, Nuevo León.  Luis Antonio Pérez, Alfredo Ledesma, Carlos Jacobo, and Mario Guzmán renewed their vows.  Luis Antonio and Mario also were instituted as lectors.  John received their vows and did the ceremony for lector.  Also present were members of their families, Paulino Antonio, Fr. Pete, Fr. Marin, Fr. Peter (a missionary of the Holy Spirit), and Fr. Len Collins who returned that day from Brother Vincent Pieau Residence.

On the same day, three men from the Southern Province made their first profession of vows: German Hernández, Elvart Pinaicobo, and Juan Ramón Alcudia.  Margarito Domínguez entered the novitiate in Lima on the same day.

A good time was had by all!!

Back at Dolores at the week-end Masses, there many people dressed in burnt orange.  Even though they were all very happy about the Texas victory, people did remember that Notre Dame lost at the Fiesta Bowl.  John was presented with a burnt orange bumper sticker with the words in white: "13-0  Believe."  That's okay: Wait until next year when they learn whom God made #1!

The U.S. provincials met in Austin at the Holy Cross Brothers' Province Center.  They discussed plans for the future, upcoming chapters, updates and planning for New Orleans, the vocation recruitment plan from the general administration and other things.  After the meeting, they shared some Texas BBQ.

You're probably wondering what Bro. George Schmitz is thinking.  For a small fee, the editor of TexLaMex can tell you or at least make up something interesting.   The beloved provincials at dinner looking out over the Austin sunset.


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