Oct 2006



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
Enquiring Minds Want to Know.
But Knowing Minds Don't Enquire.
Vol. 17, No. 10

A group of Holy Cross priests, brothers, and sisters gathered at Steiner Lodge to discuss the future of Holy Cross ministry in Austin, TX.  As far as we know, this is the first time that priests, brothers, and sisters gathered to discuss their ministry together.  We have had many, many socials and prayer services together, there have been shared provincial chapters among the men, and there has been a good spirit among all, but this is the first time all three branches of Holy Cross have had this discussion.

There was a good mix of religious and of apostolic works:

Sr. Charlotte LeBeouf led very good discussion of the gifts that Holy Cross brings to the Austin area.  We believe that there are many good qualities that we offer:

Being Educators in the Faith Concern for Justice Option for the poor
Zeal Collaboration Family
Trust in Providence Missionary Hospitality

Bro. Donald Blauvelt pointed out that these qualities of our apostolic and community life are very important, but the special gift that Holy Cross brings to the Church is the gift of being a family or community composed of priests, brothers, and sisters.  This vision is unique to Holy Cross.

Ms. Minerva Camarena Skeith did an excellent job in leading a discussion of areas in which we might want to collaborate together on in Austin.  Most of the discussion centered on how parishes might collaborate with San Juan Diego Prep with campus ministry and with recruiting students.  It was pointed out that there already is a great deal of collaboration between St. Edward's University and San Juan Diego Prep.  San Juan Diego Prep has the highest ratio of religious to students in any Catholic high school in the United States.  Sr. Lili Martínez did the evaluation and the closing.  People thought that it was worthwhile to get together and thought that we should do this again.

Some of those who were gathered at Steiner Lodge Bro. Richard Daly makes a point.  Bro. Thomas Krieter looks skeptical.
Fr. Rick Wilkinson gives his opinion. Sr. Lili Martínez leads the evaluation.
Bro. Thomas still isn't too sure. Ms. Minerva Camarena Skeith leads the discussion.
Mario Guzmán, Bro. Matt McKenna, Sr. Renee Daigle, Fr. Rick Wilkinson, and Sr. Carlota.

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