Nov 2006

   Flat Stanley goes to Rome!!          


Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
Sharing the Living Ideas of the Dead,
Not the dead ideas of the living.
Vol. 17, No. 11
What a wonderful way to begin November!!!

Fr. John returned to the rectory and remarked how wonderful it would be to have a cup of coffee.

Sr. Lili Martínez quickly ran to the kitchen and prepared a cup of coffee just the way she likes it.

Later John went and got his coffee himself.

Each day John goes for his walk.  One morning, when he took South Congress, he found this car parked. 


It is very difficult to describe.  It is certain that it took a lot of work.  Somehow it does fit it in the South Austin 78704 motif, whatever that is.


The Diocese of Austin celebrated the Symphony of Faith.  Over 3,000 people involved in ministry gathered at the Austin Convention Center.

Sr. Olivia had a session where people at Dolores Parish involved in liturgy were invited to share what they learned at the Symphony of Faith.

Daniel Mendez and Griselda Rodriguez led the short prayer service before the meeting.

Father John Korcsmar gave a short presentation on the description of the Holy Cross mission in terms of sanctifying, teaching, and healing.  These terms  are very similar to the "priest, prophet, and king" as mentioned in the baptismal anointing.

People shared a meal--a pot luck.  It was surprising how many people fried chicken.  Most of it was holy chicken because it said "Church's" on the boxes.

Afterwards, there was a good discussion and sharing.

  The religious from the Texas region gathered at Steiner Lodge for their monthly meeting.  Father Harold Essling presided at a Mass at which we all prayed for the deceased Holy Cross priests, brothers, and sisters who have gone before us.  May they rest in peace!!
Austin Interfaith had a collective leadership meeting at Ridgetop Elementary.  Minerva Camarena-Skeith was there.  She seemed to hang around the food table for a long time....very unusual for her.

Sister Lili Martínez was moving so fast, she was just a blur!

The two candidates, Nohemi (middle) and Paty (on the right) attended the meeting.  Marie Emerson (left) from St. Catherine of Sienna listens attentively.
Sister Carlota seems to approve of what is being said.
Sister Lili listens patiently in the corner.

Flat Stanley goes to Rome!!

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