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Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
Enquiring Minds Want to Know.
But Knowing Minds Don't Enquire.
Vol. 17, No. 2

Some of the people who were at the District Chapter in Peru will be heading north soon.  Brother Tom Giumenta and Brother Juan Tuestas will be going to Monterrey to work with the candidates.  They will help them with aids for studying, tools for self-knowledge, computer skills and so forth.  They will also share about the brother's vocation.

Father Fidel Ticona will be going to minister to Hispanics who are migrant workers in the area around King's College.  We wish them all way!!

Hno. Juan Tuestas

Bro. Thomas Giumenta

At supper during the first day of the chapter, the lights went out.  They stayed out for quite a while.  If you look closely to the left of Fr. Fidel, you will see that even Our Lady was holding a candle.

Fr. Fidel Ticona


The District of Peru Chapter was a very good and interesting experience.  The men there working on many of the same issues that we work with in other parts of the Congregation: What is needed for good formation?  How can we keep a spirit of community life alive?  How can we be more clear in giving communal or corporate witness with our religious life and our apostolic work?

Fathers Anibal Niño and Jorge Izaguirre were elected as district councilors.  Later Father David Farrell was appointed councilor and assistant district superior, with Father Jim Phalan and Brother Thomas Giumenta also appointed as councilors.

Father Bud Colgan speaks at the closing of the District Chapter. Father Bob Kruse, who was visiting, looks to see where he should sign his name on the document as a visitor.  Bob has been helping Father Jorge Izaguirre with his English.
The men sign the chapter acts.  Bro. Sergio Stolz takes it all in. The group photo of all who were at the chapter, except Father Fidel Ticano, who took the picture.

After the chapter, a number of men went to San José House in Canto Bello in Lima.  After a delicious dinner of Chifa (Chinese food), David Farrell took Bud Colgan, Bob Baker, and John Korcsmar on a tour of the new--almost finished Centro Patricio Peyton CSC.  This is a large, three story building with an amphitheater, chapel, dining room, kitchen, offices, courtyard, basketball\soccer\volleyball court.  It has classrooms, media rooms, offices, rooms for small discussion groups.  It will be dedicated this coming June.

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