Aug 2006



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
Roses are red; violets are blue.
Don't you have better things to do (than read this)?
Vol. 17, No. 8

Father Peter Rocca flew down from Notre Dame to Austin.  He stayed at the provincial house on Brackenridge and visited families and friends in Austin.  Then he, Sr. Carlota LeBeouf, MSC, and Father John Korcsmar drove from Austin to Monterrey.  Well, actually Sr. Carlota did most of the driving; the two priests slept most of the way.  John did drive from the border to Monterrey. 

Once they arrived in Monterrey, they had dinner with Father Peter Logsdon's family who have come for the dedication of the new church at La Luz.  

The liturgy for the dedication of the church went very well.  The church was just packed with people from the parish.  The Mass started in darkness, as the lights are lighted during the dedication ceremony.   Different choirs sang different parts of the Mass.

The matachines led the procession and pay homage to Our Lady. Some of the priests in the procession with Bishop Gustavo.
The altar is anointed; the lights are not yet turned on. Fr. Joe Tomei lights one of the candles as the lights are turned on.  St. Joan and Sr. Patricia and Sr. Carlota are making sure he gets it right.
Sr. Lili and Fr. Dan Panchot Pete Logsdon's sister, LeAnn (far left with striped blouse), his brother, Bill (center with the green shirt), and other family members were there, including Pete's other brother, Mike.
Fr. Pete Rocca is recognized for his support of the new church. Fr. Pete
Sr. Joan, Sr. Patricia, and Sr. Carlota are recognized at the Mass. Fr. John Korcsmar is recognized for the Province's support of La Luz.
Ramona, the parish secretary,  is presented with a plaque in recognition for her work. Sr. Lili's sister, Tere, with their parents.
Sr. Lili with her parents. "Blessed art thou among women..."

from left to right: Martina (a teacher at Brenda's language school, Patty and Nohemi, both candidates for the Sisters of the Holy Cross, Sr. Lili, John, Brenda, and Gabi (Lili's sister).





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