Sept 2006



Congregation of Holy Cross 
Southern Province
Enquiring Minds Want to Know.
But Knowing Minds Don't Enquire.
Vol. 17, No. 9

Father John Korcsmar, Sr. Carlota LeBeouf, and Sr. Lilia Martinez were the three Holy Cross religious at the Fall 2006 Southwest I.A.F. leadership convention held in Austin, TX.

Five hundred leaders from Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Galveston, El Paso, Del Rio, San Antonio, Lubbock, and other places in Texas gathered in San Antonio.  They spent time reflecting on the issues of affordable housing, job training, education (high stakes testing), taxation, access to health care for children, immigration.

John Sharp, seated on the left, at the table.  Sr. Carlota, MSC is in the foreground.

They also heard from former State Comptroller James Sharp .  He had headed up a commission to look into property tax relief in Texas.  He expressed gratitude to the network for their effort in blocking a sales tax increase as a way to reduce property taxes.  He felt that the network was responsible for blocking this effort.

Two of the candidates for governor, Carol Strayhorn and Chris Bell committed to working with the network if elected.  In IAF, we always do our very best to treat all of the candidates the same, to show our non-partisan approach.  At the end of the meeting with Carol Strayhorn one of the leaders from TMO gave her a hug.  He was informed that he had to give a hug to Mr. Chris Bell.  He did give him a non-partisan, non-endorsing hug.



John Korcsmar went home to visit his mother in her new, assisted living residence.  You can see who really counts when you look at who is outside in her "yard" on the ledge in the hallway.  Mom's mother had three children and one cocker spaniel.  Can you guess which one is Number One?



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