Jan 2007



Vol. 18, No. 1
A new year!!  In one sense, it is just another moment on the time-space continuum. 

But a new year also brings hope.  We can look back on our past.  We give thanks for the good we have received from God.  We also look at our failings, our shortcomings, and our mistakes.  We continue to ask for God's help--hoping to do better.  And God WILL help us!  There is hope!  Things CAN be better!  We can DO better and God can make us better!!

On New Year's Day, Father John Korcsmar, Brother Thomas Krieter, and Father Paul Pudussery all went to the Franciscan Sisters' convent at Dolores Parish for dinner.  And a good dinner it was!!  Of course, it included ham (You have to eat pork on New Year's.) and blackeyed peas (the Texas proposal for good luck).

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"O tempora, O mores!"  Sr. Carlota came to a meeting at Dolores Parish--the night before the Sugar Bowl--with a purple and gold sweatshirt.  It did say, "Marianites of Holy Cross," and not "LSU," but nevertheless....

When the beloved pastor pointed this out to her with loving concern, she said that she does have a Notre Dame T-shirt "in case they win." 

Father Moreau would turn over in his grave....Well, maybe not Father Moreau, but at least Father Sorin or at least Knute Rockne.....or at least the beloved pastor!

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Well, things did not turn out as well as they might have at the Sugar Bowl.  Here Sr. Carlota is pictured at San Juan Diego Mission in her LSU t-shirt.

Here she is wearing sunglasses....perhaps so that no one will know that it is really her???!!!???

She did admit, though, that she had washed her Notre Dame t-shirt, "just in case."  Well, at least she will not wear out her N.D. shirt too soon.


Sr. Lili seems to have made a new friend: "Dude."  Dude is Father John Payne, SJ's dog. 

When Fr. Payne is not in Austin, the Marianites of Holy Cross (Sr. Stephanie and Sr. Carlota) "dogsit."

Here he just takes to Sr. Lili like he has known her for years!



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