Oct 2007



October: The month when the weather thinks about
dropping down to the lower 90's in Texas.
Vol. 18, No. 10

The priests in the Diocese of Austin gathered for the Convocation of Priests.  We met up in Round Rock, TX.  The theme was renewing Sunday preaching.  All of the Holy Cross priests (Frank Zlotkowski, Rick Wilkinson, Joe Tomei, Jim Martin, Barry Cabell, John Korcsmar, Jim Fahey) except Joe Geniesse and Charlie Van Winkle were there at least for part of it.  Charlie is in Evansville, IN for a mission.


Catholic Charities of Central Texas held a naturalization workshop at St. Ignatius Martyr.  John Korcsmar is on the board of Catholic Charities.

Leslie Helmcamp (left), the director of Immigration Legal Services of Catholic Charities Lupe, one of the counselors (left)
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