Feb 2007



Vol. 18, No. 2

On the last day that Father John Korcsmar was at Notre Dame at the Holy Cross Media Ministry Studio, Ms. Claudia Ramirez from the Institute for Latin Studies came by.  John kept hearing about Claudia.  It was Claudia this and Claudia that.  John said that there really can't be a Claudia because she hadn't appeared in his last trip or this trip.  But then she appeared!  Now we all know that there really is a Claudia.  She did some taping for John and Father Steve Gibson.  She also introduced Brother Flat Stanley to her friend Pepito.

Pepito, Flat Stanley, and Claudia.  Pepito seems to be a bit peeved that Stanley is next to Claudia. (left to right) Dave Verhalen, Steve Gibson, John Korcsmar with  Flat Stanley.  This is the part of the studio where Steve works.
David, Steve, John and Flat Stanley.  

The Diocese of Austin had a recognition ceremony for the altar servers of the Diocese.  Ms. Bea Lucio and Sr. Rose Moreno accompanied the servers on their trip to Temple, TX.

  Allen Montalvo, Angel Costilla, Giovanna Montalvo, and Leticia Castillo.
Leticia Castillo leads the procession. Bishop Aymond presents Angel Costilla with a recognition.


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