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Fr. John Korcsmar drove with Jake Greiner to Monterrey.  Jake is a novice from the novitiate in Colorado Springs.  He is originally from Iowa.  He spent a month at St. Ignatius.  They arrived in Monterrey in time for Mass and dinner with the men in formation there.  The next day Father Len Collins gave him a tour of the parish.  A good time was had by all!
Paulino is certainly involved with dinner. The professed seminarians always focus carefully on what they are doing.
Fr. John Korcsmar flew to Washington, DC for the annual meeting of the diocesan directors of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  Brother Flat Stanley went as well.  Stanley was glad because he and John were upgraded.

At the meeting they heard about the changes in the bishops' conference.  There will be fewer departments and fewer pastoral statements.  CCHD will become part of the new Human Development, Justice and Peace Department.

Stanley ate a healthy breakfast of fruit.  John enjoyed the breakfast roll.  After breakfast they all prayed morning prayer.

Saturday morning, John and Flat Stanley had breakfast at the Hyatt with Daisy Vargas.  Daisy is from Montopolis and Dolores Parish.  She lives in Washington, DC and works as a bank examiner.  She travels to a lot of different banks, mostly around New York.ic

Daisy goes to St. Martin of Tours Church where there are many Salvadorans and Dominicans.

Washington is a dangerous place for Flat Stanley.  They were so concerned about keeping things neat and clean in the restaurant that they picked up Flat Stanley and almost threw him in the trash!!


Brother Flat Stanley and Father John flew out to Oakland for a board meeting of the Interfaith Education Fund.  There aren't many pictures because there really isn't a whole lot to see out there.  The meetings are interesting when they talk about the different thing some of the organizations are doing.  One of the interesting things about the organizing in northern California is that peoples' lives are very spread out.  That is, they live in one area, the kids go to school in another city, they go to church in another city, and they work in another city.  It must be that they are always on the road. 

This made Brother Stanley think about what their lives must be like.  Time on the road is always less time with family and at home.  He wondered what people considered their "home turf" to be.  How must they think of their communities and where they "belong?"

Flat Stanley and John had pizza at the airport in Oakland before they left.  Stanley watches what he eats because he is careful of his weight.  He wants to make sure that one stamp is still enough for him on the envelope.

Speaking of time away from home, John and Stanley had to spend on a night on the road.  The airplane taking them from Oakland to Phoenix, connecting there for the flight to Austin, arrived late.  They set him up with a flight to Phoenix on Southwest, but then the flight left so late and then the Phoenix airport closed for a while because of a storm, so John and Stanley missed that plane too.  They had to spend a night in a motel.

The next morning, they got to the airport early, and it was a good thing they did.  They had to go through all kinds of security.  They even went through a new kind of x-ray machine.  God only knows what that machine shows, but she is not telling.  But Dorothy was right: "There's no place like home."

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